From the Pastor's Desk - 7 Weeks/7 Mercies Weeks 4 + 5

In this third Lenten video, featuring Pastor Brian Janssen and Pastor Ellen Dawson, we continue to understand the 7 weeks/7 acts of Mercy that Bethany is participating in throughout 2024 Lent.  
In the Week 4 segment, Pastor Brian has a special guest, Buddy! Brian and Lisa's beloved King Charles who was once a stranger to them, but now is a loveable member of their family.  
Throughout the Week 5 segment of this video, Pastor Ellen discusses how we can donate our unwanted clothing to help those that are in need.  Infact, Bethany is donating their old choir robes to a church that is need.  
We hope that are able to welcome the stranger and clothe the naked in the weeks to come.