West Virginia Mission Trip Highlights

Our 2021 Summersville Mission Trip started with being commissioned on Sunday, June 27th, by Pastor Brian. Later in the day since some of us drove separately, we all caught up at the Summersville Presbyterian church by 4:30.  After a tour of the facilities by Joan Stewart, for those who had not been there before, some of us went shopping for food for breakfast and lunches. Everyone got settled in and we had dinner and devotions and turned in for a good night’s sleep.

Monday, June 28th, Tim Stewart arrived and gave instructions on what we would be doing when we got to Nicholas County. We would be working on installing a ramp for Phyllis Young, the owner of the property. We were met by Chantel Dickens (Phyllis’s daughter) as Phyllis was still being hospitalized from a stroke. Once we got everything set up and ready to go, it was fast paced.  We dug up some plants next to the porch to be relocated later and cut the old railings to make room for the new ramp. Boards were cut for the flooring of the ramp while others worked on measuring and digging the holes.  I can tell you that every one of us were definitely busy little bees and we all got quite a bit accomplished in day one. After the work day and clean up we headed back to the church and dinner graciously provided by Dave Colton and Joanne Alexy, and I might add,  that it was amazing. YUM! After dinner and clean up, de had devotions and then off to bed for an early start Monday morning.
Tuesday, June 29th, rise and shine, breakfast and off to the worksite for the completion of the ramp. Everyone seemed to know just what to do and where to be and I can tell you that even though it was pretty hot and humid, that didn’t stop us one bit as we were all determined to get that ramp completed. Chantel was so appreciative that she bought pizza for everyone for lunch as her way of thanking us, what a sweet gesture J We completed the ramp and it looked wonderful. We took pictures and said our goodbyes to Chantel. Some of the members of our work group were leaving that evening, so after dinner (provided by Joanne and Dave)and clean-up it was time to say good bye to half of our team, and yes, the mother in me made Nina send me a text that she and Dee made it home okay.

Wednesday, June 30th, Morning breakfast and out the door to a new job site where we met  Rena Currence and her family, where we would add some soffit on the outside of her house and frame in a wall on the inside  from the kitchen to the bedrooms. Rena has two children living with her, Dallas 16 and Noah 14. I do have to admit that Noah and I became quick buddies. I didn’t spend too much time working on the house, but I think everyone was ok with it and allowed me that bonding time with him. After dinner we said some more goodbyes to a couple more members of our work crew and wished safe travels.

Thursday, July 1st, those of us remaining ate breakfast, made lunches and were back at Rena’s to do as much as we could. We had a great deal of rain that day so the work was done inside. The guys finished framing the wall and I hung out with Noah. After our work day was done we said our good-bye’s to Rena and Noah and then decided to head out to Summersville Lake to hang out for a while, then back to the church to eat dinner. What a great way to end the day and week. A great big thank you to all who were able to attend this year and can’t wait to do it again!
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