June Newsletter

Pastor's Note 

It is that time of year, and what a time it is! With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, and school winding down, summer is here. I think it is shaping up to be a wonderful season. We have our West Virginia mission trip coming soon, the Bethany Golf outing is on the way, we will be recognizing both our high school and college graduates on June 6, and VBS is back! Please continue to check our website, your calendars, and e-mails for more information. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the events, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will make sure you have what you need to enjoy doing the ministry to which God is calling you.

Summer 2021 looks like it will be a more “normal summer.” There will be more traveling and more vacations taken, people will be out on boats and enjoying their barbecues. Lisa and I will be headed to the Outer Banks in early June and Northern Michigan in early July. We are looking forward to a time of rest and relaxation and getting to see family, some of whom we have not seen in over a year! Many of you may have similar plans and situations.
This all got me thinking about how much Jesus traveled and how often Jesus sought places of rest. Now, we know from Scripture that sometimes, even when he was seeking rest, Jesus was surrounded by crowds. The feeding of the 5,000 was one such instance. At the very least we know that Jesus valued time away. He knew he needed his energy restored, and that rest is a good thing. I have no doubt that after he rested, Jesus was ready to get back at it, so to speak. I have always noticed, that even as much as I love vacation, I am always reminded by the end of it, how joyful it is to have meaningful work to engage in when I return, that I am a part of helping effect God’s will in the world, and that I get to do this with the wonderful people of Bethany Presbyterian Church!
I pray that all of you have a fun, restful, God-filled summer. We hope to see you in church and share our stories of what God is up to in our lives.

Upcoming Events

Summer Kick-Off Night - June 13
Start your summer with Bethany! Everyone is invited to gather and mingle together after a year of being apart. The team will also be collecting gently used books, games and puzzles in a box at the back of the church. Don’t miss this relaxing evening of fellowship.
Learn More and Register: www.bethanypresby.org/event/summer-kick-off

Bethany Golden Oldies - June 17
Once again Bethany Golden Oldies will gather on the third Thursday, June 17 at noon in Fellowship Hall. Michael Talerico will entertain us with some beautiful music. The Oldies Board has voted to charge everyone a $5 lunch fee and not collect membership dues this year. A fun trip to Ohio is being planned. Join us for fun time! No reservation required.

Summer Worship Hours - June 20
We will transition to our summer worship schedule on June 20. Sunday morning worship services will be at 8:15 and 10:00 a.m. A replay of the 10:00 a.m. service will be available on our website.
Bulletin and Past Worship Services: www.bethanypresby.org/sermons

Register Today: Annual Golf Outing - June 26
Join Bethany for our Annual Golf Outing on June 26 at the Fort Cherry golf course. All members and friends of Bethany are welcome to attend.
Learn More and Register: www.bethanypresby.org/event/golf

West Virginia Mission Trip - June 27
Engage in fun and fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters the week of June 27 in West Virginia. Participants can join for the full week or for half a week.
Learn More and Register: www.bethanypresby.org/event/wv-mission

Register Today: Vacation Bible School - July 19-23
Join Bethany for a week of Vacation Bible School from July 19-23. Children are able to participate in classes from Pre-K through 5th Grade. Each class will participate in bible class, music, arts and crafts, recreation and snack time.

We cannot make VBS happen without our devoted leadership team! Adults and incoming 6-12 grade youth are invited to take part in a variety of volunteer leadership opportunities.
Learn More, Volunteer and Register: www.bethanypresby.org/event/vbs
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