October 2023 Newsletter

October 2023 Newsletter

As the year progresses further into fall, Bethany's Newsletter features many Mission Opportunities that are being offered to our congregation throughout the month.  From Bethany's Adult members to our youngest members and the BYG, in-between you're welcome to give selflessly this month.  
Also, in October is Bethany's Stewardship Campaign for 2024.  
Bloom with Grace is kicking off on the 2nd Thursday in October.  If one of your gifts you'd like to share is a musical ability, you're welcome to attend and jam on with us while creating some Modern Christian Music.  Read more about when Bloom will meet and what will be provided within the pages of this Newsletter.  
We cannot wait to share all that this month holds, with you.
UPDATE - The Prayer Walk is going to be on Sunday, October 15th!