A Journey towards generosity

Stewardship season

2021 has been a wonderful year of exciting transitions in our community of faith. We have called a new pastor, begun the process of re-opening the church for more regular gatherings in worship, as well as in mission and discipleship. We have seen an increase in our mission activities, and we are looking forward to a new year in which we know God will do things greater than we can possibly imagine.

We know that God continues to create in our midst, breathing new life into our community. We live in a changing world, yet we believe in an unchanging God who is always faithful as we move into a season of life where adaptive challenges are met with creative leadership, new life and new horizons become visible to us.

As we travel our journey toward generosity, we remember that it all begins with God. God provides all we need. And God provides us with a savior, Jesus Christ, who demonstrates in his own life what generous living looks like. We participate in God’s mission locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We participate in God’s mission when we welcome children and the most vulnerable in society into our community with open arms, ready to encourage them to join us on our journey.

We are thankful for your continued support of Bethany Presbyterian Church. Your support has assured that the vital work of ministry in the name of Jesus continues here. As many of our programs get back into full swing, we continue to seek and be found by God in worship, discipleship, and fellowship.