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Bethany Presbyterian Church is a very active and vital part of the surrounding communities. The primary function of the Church and its facilities is that of a place of worship and spiritual edification for the community and a center for the spreading of God’s word throughout the world.

The facilities of the Church may be made available to church members and non-commercial, non-profit organizations for the civic, cultural and educational activities of the communities which we serve, providing that the function is consistent with the ethical and moral tenets of the Church. These guidelines have been developed so that Bethany Presbyterian Church may minister to the community by making our facilities available to non-profit outside organizations.

All non-affiliated, non-profit organizations requesting use of the facility are required to forward a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance with the application. Your application for facility use will not be considered unless a valid certificate of liability insurance is received with this application. Certificates of liability are usually available free of charge and may be obtained by contacting your insurance carrier. You may mail your certificate with this application or have your insurance carrier mail the certificate to us. You may also have the certificate faxed to our office at 412-220-9107.

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