Employment opportunities 

Director of Worship Arts and Music

Status: Part-Time, 29 hours/week
Salary $41,760

Purpose: The purpose of this position will be to help lead the people of Bethany church in worship of the Triune God through music. We are seeking a worship leader who is a choral director/pianist with some skills as an organist and who is open to various musical styles.

About Bethany: Bethany Church loves to worship God. We do this through music, and word, and prayer. Our goal is to eschew basic nomenclature such as traditional or contemporary to describe our worship life. Rather, we seek to worship God in such a way that all who enter the worship space will have an experience of God grounded in the mysterious presence of our Lord, that equips them for service and salvation. *   We realize that excellent worship is not perfect worship, but we strive to be excellent and gracious in our offerings to God.

Our recent, pre-pandemic worship history included a contemporary service that was attended by 40-50 people. We are hoping to revitalize that service, or to integrate those musical forms into our Sunday morning service. Sunday mornings are marked by worship and community building. While worship is central to the life of our congregation, Sunday mornings also include Sunday school for all ages, several adult Sunday school classes, and lots of fellowship.

The person whom God is calling to be the next director of music at Bethany Presbyterian Church will be an enthusiastic supporter of all types of worship music.

Primary Responsibilities:
  1. Lead the adult Chancel Choir in weekly rehearsals and worship
  2. Serve as main source in the selection of anthems, hymns, songs, and other musical pieces that are in thematic support of all worship services and special events; this includes procuring choirs, soloists, and guest musicians as needed
  3. Serve as musician as requested for weddings and memorial services.
  4. Identify and address areas in worship where there is opportunity to increase the numbers of volunteers involved in worship ministries, including children.

Secondary Responsibilities
  1. Serve as the principal staff person for the worship Team.

Qualifications and Skills
  1. Confessing Christian and active participant in the Christian life and worship of the church with a theologically grounded understanding of Christian worship and the role of music in that worship.
  2. Bachelor’s degree required, concentration in music or related field preferred.
  3. Interest in and ability to plan and lead a variety of musical styles (i.e., traditional hymnody, classical, jazz, contemporary, multi-cultural)
  4. Mastery of Piano(required) organ(preferred.)

*Salvation is not merely defined as going to heaven, but rather as being engrafted into God’s alternative community that seeks to be a distinct form of social existence in the world.

To apply, or for more information, contact: personnel@bethanypresby.org