The policy of Bethany is that one of the two persons (or both) to be married in the church building
must be a member of Bethany Presbyterian Church.


Christian Marriage

God has ordained that a man and a woman may enter together into marriage, pledging their love and promising fidelity each to the other, as long as both shall live.

As Jesus Christ has blessed this relationship, and it has been declared holy throughout the life of the church, those who pledge themselves each to the other in the sight of God are promised God’s help as they enter into the joys and duties of life together.

Humanly speaking, marriage is a civil contract among a man, a woman, and the state. When a marriage is performed in the context of Christian worship, the proclamation of the gospel of reconciliation in Jesus Christ is a promise of blessing to the marriage. As the man and woman respond affirmatively to this proclamation, their marriage is in the Lord. This applies equally to first marriage, to marriage after the death of a spouse, and to marriage after being divorced.

The Christian marriage ceremony is a service of worship to God, normally conducted within the house of God. Reverence shall be expected on the part of all present, and the service shall be under the sole direction of the minister.

Such music as accompanies the ceremony should direct attention to God, who sanctifies marriage, and special care should be taken to assure that it is suitable and reverent.