March 2022 Newsletter

Pastor's Note

“In like a lion, out like a lamb.” That is the old adage about the month of March, or at least March in Pennsylvania. March has much to offer us as a country and culture. We see the first stirrings of Spring; we begin to dust off our golf clubs in the hopes that this year will be the year when our game finally comes together (I say this as the proud owner of new golf clubs that will no doubt send most of the balls I hit into one body of water or another.) These things are experienced by the whole of the people in our neighborhoods, and by us as well.

For the church, March brings the season of Lent. Lent is, in the main, a word that comes from a whole bunch of other words that all basically refer to the lengthening of days as the year progresses. For the church it is a season where we walk with Jesus in a very real sense. The church has long broken its life into seasons. We do not do this simply to mark the passage of time. We do this to allow certain theological realities to take hold of our lives. As the reality of God has faded more and more from the lives of those in the west, there has been a corresponding increase in the pressure we place as individuals on others to provide us with what only God can give. The grace we receive in Jesus Christ is marked out in history because he is for us the supreme reality. It is in Jesus Christ that we see not only God’s kingdom being ushered in, but also what God’s kingdom will look like.

The irony of Lent for Christians is that we see all around us the days lengthening, but our time
with Jesus runs short as we walk toward the cross with him. Many churches these days ignore
the season of Lent. Unlike Advent with its hope of Christmas presents, there is not much
commending a 46 day journey to a place of crucifixion. Lent may also seem a little old
fashioned, conjuring images of people who say they believe in Jesus telling everyone else what they ought to be doing. They may be right. But something has happened in the time that I have been a pastor that suggests something is afoot and maybe we should pay attention.
Religious or not, more and more people are giving things up, or taking things on for Lent. A
cursory view of your preferred social media account will show you this. This is an ancient
practice. People may not know why they are doing but it seems that more and more people
have a sense that they need God in their lives. This needs to be celebrated by the church. It will make celebrating the reality of the resurrection so much more wonderful. Invite someone to celebrate with you.

Upcoming Events

MEANS OF GRACE: LEARNING SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES - March 19, 26 and April 2, 9 from 10:00am - 11:15am
Theologian Richard Foster once wrote, “God has given us the Disciplines of the spiritual life as a means of receiving His grace. The Disciplines allow us to place ourselves before God so that He can transform us. They are God’s means of grace.” As we enter into the season of Lent, the Discipleship Team invites you to join us as we learn about a variety of Spiritual Disciplines on Saturday Mornings from 10:00-11:15am. Lent, after all, isn't just about giving up chocolate or not eating meat. We hope you'll consider taking on a new spiritual practice, keeping in mind that different disciplines work for different people!
Each Saturday, 2 instructors will do a short introduction to a discipline -- a type of prayer, a way to study scripture, or even the more traditional practices like sabbath and fasting. Students will then choose to go to a breakout group to learn more about that particular discipline. Stay tuned for more information about what practices we will study.
We do encourage everyone to register, especially if you are in need of childcare.
Note: You do not need to attend every class as each week is different. However, if you attend the entire series, you'll be introduced to a wide range of disciplines.

Golden Oldies will be meeting again on Thursday, March 17th. They will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day with special, very enjoyable, entertainment that you wont want to miss. And don't forget to wear green!
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