Vacation Bible School - Day 5

All our astronauts have graduated and are ready to ‘Shine Jesus Light’ throughout their life and the lives they impact 🌟. This highlight clip shares many thanks for the people that made this week such a success.  We’d also like to thank the parents of the children that attended Bethany’s VBS this year 💙❤️🤍.  Without our amazing astronauts, this week wouldn’t have been as remarkable as it was.  Thank you to Pastor Brian Janssen and Associate Pastor Ellen Dawson for all of your ministry this week and always ✝️. Thank you, Celina for your meticulous planning for all of VBS - almost a whole year!  Thank you, Meagan + family and fellow parishioners for the outer space creations used to transform Bethany into a space station, outer space and the bridge.   Thank you to our Registration Crew: Lynne, Barb, Alice & Pat.  Thank you to our nursery workers: Pat & Nikki.  Thank you to our Pre-K Crew Leaders: Laurie, Abby, Emma, Rylee, Gianna, Myla & Omar.  Thank you to our Kindergarten Crew Leaders: Melina, Debbie, Sonny, Hanna & Lillie.  Thank you to our 1st Grade Crew Leaders: Susan, Gary, Ashley, Greta & Braelyn.  Thank you 2nd & 3rd Grade Leaders: Lena, Erica, Lorna, Lia & Isabella. Thank you to our 4th & 5th Grade Crew Leaders: Elaine, Tony, Addi, Henry, Jenna & Aiden.  Thank you to our Bible Story Crew: Debby, Katelyn, Becky & Bonnie.  Thank you to our Games Crew: Amanda, Brittany, Ray, Jaxson, Clark & Sean. Thank you to our Crafts Crew: Denise, Meagan, Jill, Michelle, Charlotte, Katelyn & Amanda. Thank you to our Music Crew: Pastor Ellen, Amelia, Leona & Kalysta Thank you to our Snacks Crew: Sharon, Karl, Laura, Cindy, Marilyn, Claudia & Alice. Thank you, Kelly for teaching our astronauts about our Mission this week: Feed My Starving Children during snack time. Thank you, Abbie for being our Morning Greeter, Teen Breakout Crew Leader, Teen Luncheon Leader and BYG Leader! Thank you to all who donated to Feed My Starving Children.  This week $1,600 was raised providing 5,795 meals.  Much of it was donated in pennies, nickels and dimes.  Thank you to all who counted the donations every day.   Thank you to our anonymous donor!  The contest resulted in a TIE!  Both the boys and girls did such a great job singing Light of the World they each shared the donated amount.   They say many hands make lite work.  This week’s work was abundantly mightily, and we accomplished it with God’s STELLAR Grace.  🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟