February 2022 Newsletter

Pastor's Note

“Winter is fun!” That was probably said once by someone who did not live in Western PA. I used to think the opposite was true but recently learned otherwise. It was about 7 years ago now that I first learned to snow ski. I had avoided learning for some time though I had been invited before. It was my friend Nikola who finally convinced me. One day in 2015 we headed out to Seven Springs, and I got a lesson. I was overdressed, I  was over heated, and I fell down a whole bunch. To any outsider, I probably looked miserable and at a couple of points I certainly felt so. However, I was hooked. I now look forward to winter! I look forward to the snow. When the days are short, I feel bright inside. It’s opened pathways for me to spend more time with friends, and especially family (My sister’s family are all great skiers).

Now please don’t mistake me; I am not suggesting that all of you go and learn how to ski tomorrow, though if you are interested, I can point you in the right direction. What I am saying is that winter can be a wonderful time to try new things, to discover hidden talents, and to learn more about who God desires you to be. Christmas is long gone, but winter is here. But church life continues, and there are so many great things happening here at Bethany. Upward Basketball and Cheerleading is getting started as I write this. We have Bible studies and Spiritual development opportunities everywhere. Don’t be shy about jumping in and joining up.
We are also celebrating the beginning of our new Associate Pastor, Ellen Dawson. Ellen will be doing a lot of ministries here at Bethany. She will be doing Pastoral Care, working with our Board of Deacons, our Mission Team, and our Discipleship team. Ellen comes to us with over ten years’ experience and has led mission trips to Guatemala, Haiti, and Nepal, among others. She is a wonderful colleague to have on our team.

We are also welcoming our new custodian, Joe Kuchta (pronounced Cook-Ta). Joe is wonderful to work with and has likewise been a great addition to our staff. Joe and his wife Michelle live in South Fayette, and we are looking forward to getting to know them both well. If you stop by the church this month during the week, please say hello to Joe!

Upcoming Events

BYG Event: Super Bowling - February 13
Let's have some fun at the lanes before the Big Game. The BYG will be having a bowling party on February 13. Following the second service, the group will gather for lunch before heading to Sports Haven to bowl. Register today: https://bethanypresby.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/1132359

Golden Oldies  - February 17
Golden Oldies will be meeting again on Thursday, February  17th. The speaker will be Catalina Driscoll from the Better Business Bureau who will talk about scams and identifying a good company.
 If you haven't already joined as a member, you can still do so.   The $20 membership fee is to help pay for the rising cost of food and programs. Anyone may still attend the meetings and have a meal for $5.00 and go on trips. Only paid Golden Oldies Members will get the discount on trips.