Vacation Bible School - Day 4

Day:4 at Bethany’s Stellar VBS was - When people are sad, shine Jesus’ light ☀️ The Bible verse we learned was “Don’t let your hearts ❤️ be troubled.  Trust in GOD’ - John 14:1. Today’s Bible story was focused on John 19-20.  Jesus cares for his mother during his crucifixion. The Games crew defied gravity today.  Our youngest astronauts learned how to capture stars ⭐️ so they can shine where they’re needed.  The more senior astronauts continued ☄️️ Asteroid Avoidance Training ☄️ and also trained with Shine Jesus Light & G-O (think red light 🛑 green light 🟢 but with smiles and laughter and F U N!) Crafts continued to help our astronauts make rockets 🚀 for their missions out of this world 🔭🛰️. Music & Songs learned new moves and a song that uplifts us all 🎵.  These astronauts have such beautiful voices as they sing with such energy and love. Today's snack was moon cakes with a yummy rice cake, sun butter, moon slice and Cheerio's!  Oooh how delicious!  It's hard to believe tomorrow Is our last day in Bethany’s VBS Stellar Astronaut Training.  It’s going to be a H U G E day for this week’s mission: Feed My Starving Children.  Be sure to practice your dance moves for the contest!  SHINE ✨ SHINE ✨ SHINE ✨