Summer Camp Scholarship 2024

The Bethany Discipleship Team encourages our members to register their kids for Summer Camps that will enrich their child's faith.
You may apply for funds to assist with the cost. The current scholarship is a total of $250 per child, per calendar year.


 - Parent or Legal Guardian* is a member of Bethany Presbyterian Church.
*Exception: If the child went through the Confirmation Program and joined the church even if their parent is not a member. 

- Age Limit: Entering 3rd Grade up to Young Adult, age 23.  

- Child/Youth/Young Adult must be active in the programs of the church.
“Active” means that the child/youth/young adult attends at least 12 times during the year, including Sunday Worship, Sunday School, BYG, or other church events.

- The Presbyterian or Christian Camp is approved by the Discipleship team.


Please submit the Summer Camp Scholarship Fund Application Form and attach a copy of the form you are using to apply for the Summer Camp.
You can now submit this form electronically. Access the form by clicking the button below.

The Application Form must be submitted to the church office at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline for payment to the camp being attended.
*Paper forms are also available at the church. We will have copies in the Welcome Center starting Sunday, April 14th, 2024.