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Tips for Filming 

  • Take the video in landscape mode (phone sideways).
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Look at the camera.
  • Smile!

Recording Vocals Using the Mideo App on a Smartphone

  1. Download the Mideo App because it let's you listen to music while recording a video: https://mideo.app/
  2. Plug-in your earbuds
  3. Queue up the song you want to sing in your music app (Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc)
    • Start playing the song and then pause and rewind to the beginning
  4. Open the Mideo App and set these settings (you may have to Tap "Cancel" to see them)
    • Video Quality: High
    • Default Orientation: Front
  5. Tap "Start Recording" on the Mideo App home screen (it won't actually start the recording)
  6. Place your phone sideways (landscape) and make sure the lighting is good and you are on screen
  7. Tap red "Record" button
  8. Use your earbuds clicker (best method) to start the song you queued up
  9. Sing beautifully (don't forget to smile)
  10. Tap red "Stop" button when you are done
  11. Tap "Use Video"
  12. Go to your photos app to review
  13. Use one of the upload links above and send in the video
  14. Relax