Supporting Our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti

The people of Haiti continue to be plagued by a failing government, increased violence and natural disasters. Roving gangs patrol the streets beating and robbing people, setting homes on fire and causing chaos. In September, several hundred syndicated police and radical opposition activists marched through the streets of Port-au-Prince, throwing stones and erecting burning tire barricades. The march quickly turned into a political demonstration, causing panic situations with four people shot and killed.

Besides the political upheaval, the country is still suffering from a drought which caused the failure of crops.  Previously, the people were still able to go to the open-air market to get some fruits and vegetables, but due to the coronavirus, the markets have had to shut down.
For many years, Bethany has been called to help serve and support the people of Haiti. The annual mission trip was cancelled this year, but the team is still looking for ways we can help from afar. We remain in communication with our beloved Pastor Pierre from the LaCroix New Testament Mission.

God has placed it on our hearts to serve the mission by supplying food to the people of LaCroix and the surrounding villages where the six other schools are located. 

Pastor Pierre reports that his people are not dying from the virus, but rather from starvation. A simple donation can provide enough supplies to feed a Haitian family for a month. The people are so grateful to be receiving rice, beans and sometimes corn meal knowing that it will keep them and their children alive.
The Mission Team is hosting a fundraiser and will match all donations up to $2,500. You can make an offering online, mail a check or place a check in the collection bin with Haiti Fundraiser in the subject line before or after service on Sunday. The fundraiser runs through Friday, October 16.
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