Haiti Child Sponsorship


LaCroix New Testament Mission

Many years ago, when Vaugelas Pierre passed by LaCroix, he wondered about the existence of the people of that community – how they lived, what they ate, what they drank, and how they survived. God challenged him with this verse:

“…The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”
Matthew 9:37-38

It has been the vision and dream of Pastor Pierre to make a better life for the people of Haiti. Since being called to serve in the Lord’s harvest field at LaCroix near the end of 1975, God had made it clear to Pierre that He wanted a school for children whose parents couldn’t afford to send them. Since that time, he has seen the schools grow from less than 200 children to over 2000 by Miraculous Provision!

Video of Pierre’s Vision to Change the Future


A quality education in a Christian environment is provided so that opportunities may be opened to them to get a job, to better their standard of living, and to assist the needs of their family.

Rice and Bean Project

Through a new program established to assist the children and their families, you may have Pastor Pierre purchase a 100 lb. bag of rice for $35.00 and/or a 100 lb. bag of beans for $50.00 and distribute the food to your child. This amount of food will feed a family for several months. To participate, you may send a check to Bethany Presbyterian Church and indicate in the memo part of the check that it is for the Rice and Bean Project, with your child’s name and sponsorship number.

Spiritual Needs

Not only have the children been touched but hundreds of families have made a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ through the love expressed to them and to their children. Each family member is living with new hope everyday.

Sponsorship Program

How can your help? Sponsor a child. For only $20 a month you will help a poor defenseless child. Your money will ensure that your little boy or girl receives an education at one of Pastor Pierre’s schools. This child will receive a uniform, books, and the most important thing is you will know that your child is going to eat at least one meal everyday, which they normally wouldn’t get without sponsorship.

If you are interested in providing for the needs, opportunity and hope of one of the least of these in Jesus’ name, please contact one of our pastors or email the Bethany Haiti Team for more information and a sponsorship kit.