Southwood Boys Holiday

On Saturday December 12th, the Deacons held their Annual Christmas Party for the young men and boys at the Southwood Boys Home in Bridgeville. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the need for social distancing, the party was held in Southwood's parking lot but that didn’t take away from the excitement felt by all.  
We sang Christmas carols with the boys, gave them crafts to do, handed out stockings filled with small gifts and ordered Pizza to be delivered after the party.  Pastor Bill prayed for the boys and the staff and a few of the boys were excited and encouraged to ask questions and tell us what they knew about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas.  One young man even asked Pastor Bill to pray for his family.  It’s such a blessing to see them be so excited over what seems like such a small gesture on our part.  Please keep these boys in your prayers.