Looking for Lite

What a pleasant experience to be able to gather with so many of you at Blanket Fest. Just hearing the happy voices and children’s laughter eased our troubles. As the sun sauntered to the west, everyone was visibly able to relax and enjoy the wonderful music provided by the Praise band. With the exception of masks and having to stay in seating pods, it was spectacularly normal!

I am so impressed with each of our families as they talked with a bit of humor about the challenges they face. Whacky school schedules produced jokes about whether kids would be able to tell which days not to sleep-in. Employment uncertainties were shared along with stories of opportunities to do other things. Child care challenges were being worked out with a lot of creativity.

Simply coping, with a can-do attitude of hope, inspires me. This is the nitty gritty of faith in a Savior named Jesus. Our backs are against the wall, avoidance is no option. So we martial the resources of strong relationships, and confidence that God is going to divide the sea somehow, and lead us through.

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