We believe that preschool is a good foundation for your child’s mental, social and physical development. Our program is designed to encourage growth in these areas. Our curriculum includes opportunities for freedom and guidance in: play activities, creative expression, socialization, large and small muscle development, musical experiences, and yoga.

Bethany Preschool Registration

Preschool registration form for 2022 -2023 is now open.

The School Day

Our program each day includes: creative child-initiated play activities, special art activities, group learning experiences through stories, music, show and tell, and games gross motor activities, and snack time.

Class Information

Our preschool has classes for three, four, and five year olds. It is in session Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, 9:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M., September through May. The classes will be limited to 12 children per teacher and aide. Children must be 3 years old by Sept. 1 and must be toilet trained.

Three Year Old Class

Children this age are usually coming to school for the first time. Our program recognizes this and places our emphasis on socialization and working within a group. Children progress from parallel play to cooperative play. They enjoy opportunities to do this through various classroom centers offering puzzles, blocks, manipulatives, housekeeping center, sand table, water table, play dough, and other resources. We encourage exploration and discovery.

Four and Five Year Old Class

Children this age have become much more cooperative, complex and social in their experiences. Keeping in mind that most of these children will be enrolling in kindergarten for the following year, we introduce readiness skills in addition to their play experiences. We encourage following directions, working independently, and developing self-help skills.

Our Staff

The school is directed by Mrs. Danielle Gioia. In addition, there are four other teachers, five aides, and a full time art teacher on our staff. The experienced teachers and staff provide a warm, loving, nurturing environment for each child, recognizing the differences of each. We are sensitive to the needs of each child and work as a group in planning the developmentally appropriate programs for each class.

Special Programs

Community Resources – Professionals from the community are invited to our school to share their experiences, including the police, paramedics, nurses, etc.

Field Trips – Several trips a year are planned to provide first hand experiences to enhance our curriculum. Some are a visit to the fire house, library, post office, and a bus trip to one of the educational centers in Pittsburgh, such as the Aviary. Parent volunteers are always encouraged to participate.

Lunch Bunch – This is an extended day program offered to all of the classes once a week. The children are invited to share lunch time and play activities with their friends supervised by staff members. Cost is $8 per session.


Tuition is $1800 per school year or $200 a month for nine months. A $60 non-refundable registration fee required upon registration. Make checks or money orders payable to Bethany Church (no cash). Payments may be sent to class with the student or mailed to Bethany Church Preschool. Registration for the school year will typically takes place in February each year. Please call us for the details.

Additional Information

The preschool is normally open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M., September – May.

For further information about our program, please call Bethany Church Preschool 412-206-0166.