Malawi Partnership


“…that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” 
Romans 1:12


The mission of the Pittsburgh Presbytery Partnership Ministry Team PC (USA) is to carry out God’s plan for his world through mutual encouragement in our faith and life journey’s in partnership with the Synod of Blantyre of the Church of Central Africa (CCAP) in Malawi, Africa.


The partnership between Pittsburgh Presbytery and the Synod of Blantyre has, since 1991, been an opportunity for hundreds of people and dozens of congregations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to grow in their faith and learn to serve God patiently, obediently, and passionately.
During the past sixteen years, nearly 500 Pittsburghers have traveled to Malawi, and an equal number of Malawians have been hosted in Pittsburgh. The visits have involved relationship building, education events, pastoral exchange, evangelism rallies, medical mission work and building construction. Thirty-five churches of Pittsburgh Presbytery are twinned with partner churches in Blantyre Synod.
For more information about the Malawi Partnership, visit Pittsburgh Presbytery’s International Partnership web site.

Kawiya C.C.A.P.

Bethany Presbyterian Church was partnered with Kawiya C.C.A.P. of Malawi Africa in 2007. The initial connection with Kawiya, began in June, 2007, when Bethany representatives traveled to Africa with a group of other Pittsburghers as part of the Malawi Partnership, between Pittsburgh Presbytery and the Blantyre Synod of Malawi. Since that time our partnership continues to grow as we plan trips back and forth between Kawiya and Bethany and as we encourage each other in life and in faith as an extension of God’s love and grace through Jesus Christ.
Kawiya Church began as a prayer house of the Domasi Congregation in 1938. Kawiya became its own congregation in 1992. The current church building was built and dedicated in the year 2000. Afterwards, a small orphanage was built near the church.

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Please pray for our brothers and sisters at Kawiya C.C.A.P. in Malawi, Africa. And pray that God will continue to grow and nurture the partnership between Bethany and Kawiya, according to his will.

If you are interested in serving Jesus Christ through this partnership with our brothers and sisters in Malawi, please email the Bethany Malawi Team or contact one of our pastors.