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Glimpses of Grace

Glimpses of Grace

Glimpses of Grace Last Sunday we heard a message on prayer…prayer as trusting that we have been “found” by God. “Prayer is not a performance, saying the right words with the right inflection and the right spiritual feeling to impress… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

Dear Friends, The main part of this Glimpses is a message from Pastor Robbie Ytterberg to the Bethany Presbyterian Church. In particular please keep their son Wesley in prayer with his ongoing health concerns. A Note from Pastor Robbie…   Dear… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

“God said to name this baby boy, Jesus.  I said ‘Yes! May God do as he pleases. For I am his servant, and I will obey so God can use me in this special way.'” I found this on a… Read the rest


Glimpses of Grace Generosity… In the final sermon on Generosity…Moving from Existing to Living, I referred to – and danced to! – a Beatles’ song:                         “Can’t Buy Me Love”             I described how that could be our soul’s song to each… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

Glimpses of Grace   Practice generosity…”that you may have life that is truly life.” So the Apostle Paul wrote to young Timothy and, through him, to the church – then and now.   Last Sunday, we had the great privilege… Read the rest

Help Us Remember

Glimpses of Grace      Dear friends, The following is a prayer I have written for us all as we remember the events and emotions of 9-11fifteen years later.   Please let this guide you in your own prayers for… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

He lives in South Bend, Indiana. Had spent all night cooking. Then he loaded up his trailer with the food he had prepared, placing it in insulated containers. And he headed down the highway. He drove across Indiana, across Ohio,… Read the rest

What a Ride

Glimpses of Grace  “What a Ride!”      Last Monday Bethany Presbyterian Church participated in the Memorial Day Parade in Bridgeville. The Deacons served up an almost endless supply of hot dogs, all consumed by passers-by. A crowd of Bethany folks packed… Read the rest

A Prayer for Power

Glimpses of Grace     A Prayer for Power “You will receive power,” your Son promised. Lord, we pray for that power- for us as disciples and for your church. Give us power to… worship You with all our heart, serve You… Read the rest

Brother Gene

He is a regular guy – an older man, balding, soft-spoken, giving a little sheepish glance at his audience as he begins to speak. He is Gene Remacklus, a friend of Jean and Bill Roemer. “Brother Gene”, they call him… Read the rest
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