Pastor Nominating Committee

About the Pastor Nominating Committee

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has the important task of searching, reviewing and nominating a minister to the congregation for election as the next pastor. The search is a multi-month journey with the main goal of selecting our new pastor.

Bethany’s PNC is composed of a diverse group of individuals. Their unique backgrounds provide a sounding board that is representative of the broader congregation.

The Pastoral Search Timeline

Meet the Committee

Judy Davidson

Judy and her husband Jim joined Bethany almost two years ago.  Judy especially enjoys her Sunday school class and the Thursday night Bible Study.  Participating in the activities helped this couple adjust to their new church home.

Bob Julius

Bob and his wife, Kara, became members of Bethany in 2015 upon moving back to the area from Baltimore. He has served as a Deacon and volunteered with many of Bethany's ministries. His family was drawn to the church's ministry to children and families and the care of the congregation. Bob is eager to be part of God's plan in calling our next Senior Pastor.

Jim Myers

Jim, and his wife Anita, joined Bethany in 2000. He has served as and Elder and on numerous committees. He is an active volunteer in the Upward Program and continues to serve as a member of the Stewardship Team.  Jim has a deep love for the Bethany congregation and is honored to participate in the very important work of calling a new Senior Pastor.

Tim Nagy

Tim is a 20+ year member at Bethany. Over the years he's served the church as a deacon and elder and continues his service with the church choir and the session Property Team as a congregational member. He and his family have served the church with youth mission trips, youth confirmation teaching, and international and local mission work.

Sarah Paviol

Sarah joined Bethany when she was about five years old, since then she has served on the Board of Deacons and is an active member. She is a recent Biology graduate from Robert Morris University and will be getting her Master’s degree in Nursing from LaRoche University. Her passion to help, guide, and take care of others is derived from her experiences and life long teachings she gained at Bethany Presbyterian Church. As part of the Pulpit Nominating Committee, she hopes to help find the senior pastor who is called to our church to give others similar guidance and teachings.

Pam Petrow

Pam has been a blessed member of the Bethany Congregation since 2003, serving as an Elder, teaching Sunday School and participating on various committees.   There is so much to celebrate at Bethany and she is excited to be a participant of the PNC as they seek God’s direction for our next Senior Pastor who will shepherd the churchinto the future.

Becky Yanak

Becky and her husband have been members of Bethany church for almost 40 years. They have enjoyed the fellowship and spiritual growth through all the seasons of their lives at Bethany.

PNC Updates

September 2020

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) continues to make steady progress towards discerning God's choice in our next Senior Pastor. We were so pleased with our potential candidates and recently concluded the initial round of interviews. The second round of interviews will start this September with the candidates we've felt the Spirit pushing us towards. The PNC continues to meet on a weekly basis and asks for your prayers.

July / August 2020

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) continues to make steady progress towards calling Bethany's next Senior Pastor. We are conducting initial interviews with candidates, on an ongoing basis, and hope to complete this stage of our process by early to mid-August. We will continue to review Personal Information Forms (PIF) as they trickle in from the Presbytery to ensure we are truly discerning God's word. The next step in the process will be viewing additional sermons by the candidates and eventually inviting the final round for in-person interviews.
On behalf of the committee and all of our potential candidates, I want to thank the congregation for your continued prayers. We want to praise God for providing the technology necessary to continue this process through the pandemic and wrapping us in His love and grace. We ask that you continue to pray for our committee members, Judy Davidson, Becky Yanak, Pam Petrow, Sarah Paviol, Jim Myers, and Tim Nagy and the ministry of the many candidates. More specifically, please pray for the Lord's discernment in revealing the pastor He has chosen for Bethany to the committee and revealing the call He has already determined to our next Senior Pastor.

June  2020

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) posted our Ministry Information Form on the Church Leadership connection site on May 24, 2020 and we have begun receiving Personal Information Forms (PIF) from prospective candidates for our position. Our team is encouraged by the responses and we are now in the process of reviewing the PIFs. This process will take several weeks of prayer and discernment both from our team and congregation and the prospective candidates. We hope to begin initial phone interviews by the beginning of July.

We ask that you continue to pray for our team, our candidates and their ministries and for our future pastor whom God already knows. We ask that you pray He opens our hearts and ears to His will for He has great plans for Bethany!

May 2020

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) continues to move forward in the work of calling a new Senior Pastor for Bethany. Last week we submitted our completed Ministry Information Form (MIF) to the Session for review and approval. For those that do not know, the MIF is essentially a job description with specific details about who Bethany is and what we believe.

I am happy to report that the MIF was approved by Session at a virtual meeting held on May 18. Subsequently, the Pittsburgh Presbytery's Commission on Ministry has approved the document as well. Our next step is to post the MIF on Church Leadership Connection -- the Indeed or CareerBuilder for pastors -- which will happen this week.

This is an important milestone in calling our next Senior Pastor. On behalf of the PNC, I'd like to thank our Session for their responsiveness in approving the MIF and the congregation for praying for our team and our future Senior Pastor. I urge everyone to continue to pray for our team, our church leaders, and that God continues to provide for Bethany in His many ways.

March 2020

As we conduct the search for our Senior Pastor, it is important that the congregation be an active participant in this process. At this time, we are asking all members to complete a survey that will help us understand your perceptions of Bethany and what you believe are important attributes for the next Senior Pastor. Please take a moment to thoughtfully and prayerfully complete the survey. This can be done via paper or electronic format. The survey can be obtained electronically or by scanning the QR code. Anyone with questions about the survey should contact any member of the PNC. We thank you for your prayers and for being a part of this very important process.

December  2019

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has met with staff at the Presbytery to understand the process and begin looking for our new Senior Pastor. We have begun meeting on a regular basis to discern the needs of the church and will be seeking congregational input regarding our needs, in the near future. Please continue to pray for the PNC members (Judy Davidson, Bob Julius, Jim Myers, Tim Nagy, Sarah Paviol, Pam Petrow, and Becky Yanak), the work they are doing, our interim Senior Pastor and our church during this season of transition.