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Upward Sports
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Volunteer Testimonials

Hear from various volunteers about their experience with Upward.


“The energy and enthusiasm in the Great Room on Saturdays is something that has to be experienced first hand to be understood.  Being a part of the experience gives me a lift that lasts all week.”

Jim Myers, Referee


“It just does my heart so much good to see so many boys and girls as well as their parents and grandparents doing something together at Bethany on winter Saturdays.  It’s more than a blessing to be involved, it’s and honor and privilege to be involved.  It combines my love of sports and basketball particularly with my love for kids and my faith in a way that is indescribable.”

Thomas Hayes, Referee


“Praying everyday for the Upward program and the kids, helping in the kitchen preparing concession items, and giving a few gameday halftime devotions have given me opportunities for fellowship with other volunteers, to have a good time while serving the Lord, and drawn me closer to God and other volunteers.  I’ve seen the Lord’s hand on every part of the Upward experience and His blessing upon the players, cheerleaders, their families, and the many volunteers involved in the program.”

Fred Gossic, Prayer Commissioner and Kitchen Staff


“I LOVE Upward! I am not athletically skilled or minded, but it is not the game of basketball that peeked my interest in Upward. I see basketball as a tool that draws kids and their families to Bethany. Sure they come in search of a great basketball and cheer-leading league where they can participate, improve their skills and have fun. They find all that, but in the process they discover so much more! Maybe for the first time, they learn that each of them is special and unique in the eyes of God, regardless of their athletic ability. They are given the opportunity for equal participation and they learn that their participation is more important than the outcome of the game. They even learn to pass on a moment of glory for themselves and give it to another teammate who needs it more, when they pass the ball to a player that stand little chance to make a basket and encourage him or her to take a shot. Upward brings people in the community together that are looking for an activity for their children. And it gives us at Bethany an opportunity that we wouldn’t have otherwise, to share the love of Jesus with them. Seeing all the smiling faces in the hundreds of kids and adults that come in and out of the church each Saturday and hearing stories of how God touched the lives of children, parents and volunteers is all the thanks I need! That is what this ministry is about and that is why I believe in it and give my time to it. If you want to see God in action, come and be a part of this awesome ministry!”

Carl Suppo, Assistant League Director