Bethany Presbyterian Church is closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our church and community. We are guided by the priorities of safety, mission to the community and spiritual needs for fellowship and connection. Over the last few weeks, Bethany Presbyterian Church’s COVID-19 Task Force has worked diligently to create a plan to reopen our doors in a safe and responsible way. We are now ready to embark on the process to reopen our church facilities and adapt to new hopes and hazards. 

On June 15, Bethany Presbyterian Church facilities will be open for groups of 25 or less, so long as the conditions mentioned below are met. On July 5, worship in the sanctuary will be open for attendance of up to 100, with several health safety practices in place. As always, we will remain appropriately cautious to keep our congregation healthy and safe. The task force will continue to revisit and adjust as needed throughout these changing times, but one thing will remain constant – we need your help to keep our facility a safe gathering place.  

Preparing for Worship 

  • Limited Capacity: To adhere to the social distancing requirement of keeping six feet apart, only 100 individuals will be allowed in the sanctuary at one time.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: All persons attending service will wear a mask that covers both the nose and mouth. In accord with CDC guidelines, children over the age of two (2) will be asked to wear a mask for their safety.
  • Entrance: Everyone will enter through the back door near the parking lot. All other entrances to the building will be locked.
  • Temperature Scan: Upon entering the building through the back door, we will do an infrared forehead thermometer scan. Hand sanitizer will also be available at every entrance.
  • Records: We will keep a record of all who attend, in case notices of infection need to be sent out. You will also be asked if you are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Collections: A basket will be available prior to entering the sanctuary to collect all donations.
  • Sanctuary: Ushers will guide you to seating that maintains a six feet distance from others. Ushers will also conduct an orderly exit, maintaining safe distancing as we leave worship. You will be asked to leave the building directly, and avoid gatherings following worship.
  • Nursery: The nursery will remain closed and there will not be a coffee hour in the welcome center following the service.
  • Singing: We are aware of significant infection hazards from group singing and will adjust our habits to minimize these.

Latest Updates


Contact the Task Force

The safety and spiritual vitality of our congregation remains our priority. Possibilities for a re-occurrence of the pandemic require special attention and flexibility in planning. We are committed to making wise and informed decisions as we go day-by-day through this challenging time. Please contact the Task Force with any questions or concerns. 

Submit Facility Request

All new groups must complete a facility request form and work directly with the team to schedule meetings accordingly; no ad-hoc meetings will be approved. We reserve the right to cancel all future meetings in the facility of any group who violates our policies, including lack of wearing masks by anyone in the group.

Watch Sunday Service

Through Labor Day, we will continue to hold one service at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday. We encourage you to watch or listen each week and engage with the sermon by commenting on the feed. An audio option is also available.