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Trust: Not in the Hills but the Holy

Worship March 17 2019… Read the rest “Trust: Not in the Hills but the Holy”

Repentance: Walking on our Knees

Worship March 10 2019… Read the rest “Repentance: Walking on our Knees”

In the Wilderness of Temptation

Read the rest “In the Wilderness of Temptation”

Wisdom for Living

Worship February 24 2019… Read the rest “Wisdom for Living”

Salt and Light

Worship February 17 2019… Read the rest “Salt and Light”

Hot Coals on Dirty Lips

Worship February 10 2019… Read the rest “Hot Coals on Dirty Lips”

Let’s Raise an Ebenezer!

Worship February 3 2019… Read the rest “Let’s Raise an Ebenezer!”

Evangelism – Bringing the Good News

Worship January 27 2018… Read the rest “Evangelism – Bringing the Good News”

Boxing up God?

Worship January 13 2019… Read the rest “Boxing up God?”

Seeing the Extra in the Ordinary

Worship January 6 2019… Read the rest “Seeing the Extra in the Ordinary”
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