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Glimpses of Grace

There they are, the Living Waters for the World Team, commissioned and blessed by Bethany Presbyterian Church: Brian Bartels, Tim Nagy, Doug Blinn, Dave Colton, Dominic Poiche              Mike Segeleon and Connie Segeleon. They have safely arrived at their destination: The… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

Dear Friends, This Sunday we will be continuing to look at what it means to “run with the horses”, to live fully, courageously and authentically for God. As we will see with Jeremiah and also a parable from Jesus, God… Read the rest

Run with the Horses

Last Sunday I told the congregation about the sign on the old copier in our Bethany office: “I am Broken… Cannot Be Used” I responded that it is very appropriate for a copier but not for God’s children. God has… Read the rest

A Palm Sunday Prayer

Dear friends in Christ, This Sunday is Palm Sunday! I look forward to seeing you and all of us as we gather to praise God on this special day. To prepare our hearts for worship, here is the Prayer of… Read the rest

‘Making’ Your Life Count

” ‘Making’ Your Life Count” That’s the title of the message for Sunday. How can each of us live fully, deeply, and richly? How can we live in a way that makes an eternal impact? We will be looking at… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

Dear Friends in Christ, The following is a prayer I wrote for myself and prayed through the week in my daily prayers. On Sunday I prayed a version of it in the Pastoral Prayer. Here it is for you, for… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

Last weekend was a glorious time for Bethany and – I believe – for the glory and kingdom of God. On Saturday over two hundred children and families gathered for the Breakfast with Santa at the Manger. It was a… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

Dear Friends in Christ,                 My heart is overflowing from the graces that abounded in our worship services on Sunday. The Hanging of the Greens abounded with visuals that pointed us to Christ – the wreaths and greenery, the tree and… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

Dear Friends, This Sunday is a very special day of worship. At our 8:15 and 10:45 am services, we have “The Hanging of the Greens” as the sanctuary is transformed into Advent colors and greenery in our worship. “The Hinge… Read the rest

Bigger Than a Big Mac

Last Monday I did something I had not done in twenty or thirty years: I ate a Big Mac. Once there was a time when I consumed them regularly. But that was when I was young…and foolish…and skinny. I ate… Read the rest
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