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Glimpses of Grace

For what is probably my last Glimpses of Grace, I wanted to share some of my “favorite things” on a Sunday morning at Bethany.
Taking a hike: I did it again last Sunday. During the time between morning services, I took a hike through the halls looking in on Sunday School classes. Sometimes I would glance through a window and observe; other times I would look in for a while, listening and observing and greeting. Last Sunday I stayed with one class as Debby Hayes taught them the meaning of Communion. I added some thoughts as we closed with prayer. On Sunday mornings I love to take a hike and see folks digging into God’s word.
Singing with the choir: Those at the 10:45 am service may notice that during the hymns, I slide over beside the altos as we sing praise to God in glorious harmony. And – my oh my – when we all sing “Glorify Thy Name”, I know I’ve been to church!
Praising God with “all of me”: At the 6 Pm Modern Service I am always on my feet, usually at the back – welcoming late comers, clapping to the beat of the music, singing harmonies, and praising God with my hands raised and my feet moving. Oh yes, I grin widely as the children light the candles and receive the offering. As the day ends and the music plays, I praise God with “all of me”, from head to toe.
Gazing at Jesus:  At our 8:15 am service the rising sun is often blazing brilliantly though the balcony sanctuary window. There he is – the risen and living Jesus, nail prints still in his hands, gazing at us in his glory. “I am here with you in all my grace and power.” That is his word to me in those moments.
As we move forward in our lives – me into retirement and you into a new era as God’s church – may the image of our risen Savior blaze brilliantly in our lives and in Bethany Presbyterian church.
It is true: he is risen and living in his church.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Pastor John Hamilton
PS. Reminder – One worship service only this Sunday at 9:30 AM.

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