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Glimpses of Grace

There they are, the Living Waters for the World Team, commissioned and blessed by Bethany Presbyterian Church: Brian Bartels, Tim Nagy, Doug Blinn, Dave Colton, Dominic Poiche              Mike Segeleon and Connie Segeleon.

They have safely arrived at their destination: The Salt and Light Church in Cap-Haitian, Haiti. They will be working to install a LWW water filtration system to provide clean and safe water for the community. They will also be training persons there in maintenance, care and use of the system.

Please continue to keep them in prayers. Fred Gossic has prepared a guide for our prayers:

Tuesday, Sept. 17

Pray for the Team as they give their Christian witness to the Haitian people and “live” the Good News of Jesus Christ; pray that the Haitians realize that this new water system is a gift from Almighty God and that the Team members are His servants accomplishing His will in Haiti.

Wednesday, Sept. 18

Pray that the Team members fulfill Genesis 12:2, that they are “blessed to be a blessing” to the people of Haiti, and that the people of Haiti likewise are a blessing to the Team; thank God for BPC member Ed Ostroskie who presented the LWW idea to the Mission Team but was unable to go due to health issues.

Thursday, Sept. 19

Pray for safe travel for the Team in while in Haiti; pray for good weather and for God’s protection from any issue or problem that would prevent the Team from completion of their mission.

Friday, Sept. 20

Pray for the successful completion of the water system installation and that the Haitian people are able to operate and maintain the system properly; pray that the people’s faith is strengthened and that they encounter Jesus in a new and blessed way.

Saturday, Sept. 21

Pray for travel blessings from Haiti to Miami and thank God for a day of rest for the Team as they reflect on their experiences in Haiti and draw closer to Him.

Sunday, Sept. 22

Pray for travel blessings from Miami to Pittsburgh; pray for Team members as they rejoin their Families; praise the Lord for His blessings during their mission trip and for His helping the Team members to grow in their faith and witness for Him!


Join us this Sunday for a message from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount: The Blessed Journey from Anger to Forgiveness, Matthew 5:21-26.


I look forward to seeing you on Sunday,

John Hamilton

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