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A Palm Sunday Prayer

Dear friends in Christ,

This Sunday is Palm Sunday! I look forward to seeing you and all of us as we gather to praise God on this special day.

To prepare our hearts for worship, here is the Prayer of Confession that we will pray together on Sunday.

Would you pray it now? Would you join with me in praying it each day leading up to Sunday?

God bless you and see you on Palm Sunday,

John Hamilton

A Palm Sunday Prayer

O God,
     like the crowd who greeted
     Your beloved son in Jerusalem,
     our love can be so shallow;
          Yours is so deep.
Our love can be so fleeting;
     Yours is forever.
Our love is often merely words;
     Yours is Yourself –
          in Jesus, Your Son.
May we welcome You not only
     into Jerusalem, but into our hearts,
     not only on this Palm Sunday,
     but for all our lives.
May our faltering love be transformed
     by Your perfect love.
In Your Son’s name…

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