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‘Making’ Your Life Count

” ‘Making’ Your Life Count”

That’s the title of the message for Sunday. How can each of us live fully, deeply, and richly? How can we live in a way that makes an eternal impact?

We will be looking at the story of the “the rich young ruler” in Matthew 19: 16-22. Why was his,” I have kept all of these (commandments)”, not enough? And why wouldn’t Jesus let him off the hook?

Come and find out as we worship God and receive eighteen new members of Bethany?

For those who were not able to be with us last Sunday, I encourage you to go to our website and listen to the sermon, “Hot Coals on Dirty Lips”. It was a very important message for me to share and for us all to hear.

On a personal note, my dear wife Melany is having a glorious three weeks in Germany with our granddaughter, Emma, and with our son and his wife. She returns on February 27.

And the checkup concerning my cancer went very well – no sign of new growth – which means I can continue my therapy. It is working. I will be resuming treatments on the 20th.

Thank you for your prayers, and always remember all of those in the Bethany family who are in their journey through cancer, as well as others with health concerns. We are all in it together.

Finally, I share with you one of the prayers I have written as we trust ourselves to God each day:

A Prayer for Each New Day

Lord, thank You that nothing is beyond Your transforming love:
     our brokenness and sin,
          not beyond Your gaze of mercy;
     our hidden shame,
          not beyond Your grace;
     our descent into despair,
          not beyond Your reach;
     our dreams and visions,
          not beyond Your power;
     our emptiness or loneliness
          not beyond Your touch;
     our life and our death,
          not beyond Your risen power.
Now in these moments of prayer,
     I come before You, God,
     for Your gaze of grace,
     Your touch of power,
     Your gift of life.
Or, more accurately, You come to me.
Help me to trust in You with my whole heart and live for You with
my whole life, beginning now on this day and each day.

God bless you and see you on Sunday,

John Hamilton

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