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Glimpses of Grace

Dear Friends in Christ,

The following is a prayer I wrote for myself and prayed through the week in my daily prayers. On Sunday I prayed a version of it in the Pastoral Prayer. Here it is for you, for us, as we walk with God:

Majesty in the Messiness

Life is so messy, Lord, crammed with rough edges,
tensions within, with others, and with life,
unsettled issues, uncertainties, unchartered paths,
fractures – in the world, in the nation, in me.

Lord, bring out of the messiness your holy will.
Lead me in your way,
step by step, day by day.
Show me what I can do
and what I can release to You.
Help me to live in the moment
and – at the same time – in the scope of eternity.

Give me the eyes to see
Your majesty in the messiness…


Some notes – this Sunday is includes our Service of Remembrance as we remember those of our church family who died in the year 2018. It is a time to remember all of our loved ones who have passed to the Lord and who have had a deep impact on our lives.

The sermon is titled, “Let’s Raise an Ebenezer!” Come on Sunday and find out what an Ebenezer is and why we should raise it!

See you on Sunday!
John H.

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