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Glimpses of Grace

Dear Friends in Christ,
                My heart is overflowing from the graces that abounded in our worship services on Sunday. The Hanging of the Greens abounded with visuals that pointed us to Christ – the wreaths and greenery, the tree and lights and Chrismons, the Advent wreath and Prophet’s Candle of Hope. Thanks so much to all who helped in the service.
                Then we gathered in the afternoon for the Service of Installation of The Rev. Jae Jin Cho as Associate Pastor of Youth and discipleship of Bethany. The sermon, the charges to Jae and to Bethany Church, the music from choir, organ and Praise Band…oh what a blessing! Instead of leaving the sanctuary upon the Benediction, the congregation remained to join the Praise Band in the Postlude, “Amazing Grace”. Again, thanks to all who helped in the service. And praise be to God for Jae and Esther and Bethany Presbyterian Church!
                In the morning service, I preached on the true hope we discover in our lives as we look toward the birth of Jesus in this season of Advent. Here is a short except from the sermon:
“For you who see only a hopeless end,
                he is your endless hope.
For you who battle a hopeless situation,
                he is your hope-filled invitation.
For you (and me) who build our hopes on sinking sand,
                he is God’s rescuing hand.
For you (and me) who are captive in sin,
                he is the Savior.
For you who are lost,
                he is your Shepherd.
For you who are in darkness,
                he is the light.
For you who face death or walk in grief,
                he is life abundant and life eternal.
For a world crying out or hope,
                he is the hope of the world.
Yes, Jesus is our hope.”
May we all live in the hope of our Savior, Jesus the Messiah,
John Hamilton
This Sunday, December 9:
  • The Annual Christmas Cantata, with orchestra and choir at 10:45 am
  • “The Shoot of Peace”, Advent Message at 8:15 am and 6:00 pm

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