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Glimpses of…Light

A few weeks ago, the first Sunday of the New Year, I did a Children’s Message on being the light of Jesus.  Jesus told us, “You are the light of the world. Let your light shine before others…”  I explained to the children, “You are the light in the way you show God’s love to others.”


Meanwhile, one little guy was very restless, wandering around up front, not “listening” to Pastor John, as he bounded up and down the chancel steps. My first thought was that I wanted him to get my message. Then I noticed…he was smiling at the congregation, jumping for joy, and – repeatedly – waving to his dad in the back pews with an exuberant…”Hi!” He did it all with a smile that lit up the whole church and had us all laughing warmly. In other words, he got it! I was telling us to be the light; he was showing us how to be the light!


Afterwards his dad explained that Nolan had determined that he was ready to go up front all by himself for the first time. He was waving to say, “I did it, Dad! I’m up here! Can you see me?” We both smiled and I assured him that his son was a beautiful demonstration of my Jesus’ message. He gave us glimpses of the light of Jesus.


How can you be the light of Christ to others? How can your words, your face, your hands and feet glow with God’s love? Sometimes it takes a little child to lead the way.


See you on Sunday,

John Hamilton


·         Some news to share: this Sunday includes our Service of Remembrance in the 8:15 and 10:45 services. Join us as we remember our loved ones who have died in the past calendar year – and all whom we have entrusted to our Lord’s eternal care.


·         Our Modern Service will be held at 6pm as usual. It will be a simple and brief service that will include music, Scripture and sermon. (Yes, we know that a certain football game is going on at the same time.)


·         Youth Groups are gathering for a Big “Super Human” Party this Sunday: Worship at 6:00 PM in the Chapel, then downstairs for games, food and fun. And yes, the Super Bowl will be on.


·         Our Interim Associate Pastor – and my dear wife – is having the time of her life in Germany just being with our granddaughter, Emma, and our son and his wife. She will be back home this coming Tuesday.


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