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Glimpses of Grace

Glimpses of Grace
Ecclesiastes 3 begins, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…”
     I am glad to live in a region that experiences 4 seasons…Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  However, Summer is and always has been my favorite.  I spent my childhood living in the city of Virginia Beach, Va.  For several years we were within easy walking distance of the calm beaches on Chesapeake Bay.  Yes, I loved summer.
     But there is more to summer than vacations at the beach (and elsewhere).  Within the church family, summer is the season for mission trips.  It is a season when so many can leave their comfort zones and share faith, energy, and kindness with all kinds of people in some very different places.  Our junior highs put their hearts into “Mission Possible” in northwest Pennsylvania.  This week, our Senior highs are putting their hearts into mission work in a challenging area of New Jersey.  On Sunday afternoon, Carl Suppo and Pastor John will join a group from our Presbytery and fly to Malawi.  Not long after they return to Pittsburgh, Bethany Church will be sending a group of dedicated and energetic folks to a week of mission service in West Virginia.  All in one summer…wow!  And not all of our mission involves leaving this area.  We provided a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School for over 90 children and their families.  This week our mission at home is to Family Promise.  Every week we provide lunches for SHIM.  Please remember to pray for your brothers and sisters in mission this summer.  Not everyone can go…but everyone can serve…and everyone can PRAY!
    Important news:  John will be going to Malawi, but I will be staying home.  I will be PREACHING each Sunday he is away.  I will be working in my office at the church.  I will be ready to cover PASTORAL NEEDS.  If you or someone you know needs a hospital, nursing home, or home visit, PLEASE let me know.  Call the church office, or speak to me after worship on Sunday, or stop by the church office during office hours.  You are my church family and you are very important to me.  Let us worship together, stand together, and pray together in every season…including this beautiful summer of 2017.
 God bless you all.  See you on Sunday!
Pastor Melany Hamilton
Interim Associate Pastor

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