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A Pentecost Prayer

Dear Friends,
     As we approach Pentecost Sunday this week, here is a pray for us to pray as a congregation.


See you this Sunday. Wear RED!
John Hamilton


A Pentecost Prayer
Dear God…
it is Pentecost Sunday, at least on the calendar. 
Now we ask that it happen in our hearts and our churches.
Some of us are weary, overloaded with the weight of life: 
Breathe into us the breath of new life, new hope, 
new vision of what You can do in us.
Some of us have only a flickering faith, living in a world that seems godless: 
Blow gently on our dying embers, 
that flames of faith would leap once more.
Some of us are distracted, squeezing God and church into a life of “more important things”:  
Sweep into us with a mighty fire, 
rekindling within us our passion for You.
Some of us are confused, minds bogged by pressures within the activity around us: 
Blow through our cobwebs and confusion 
with the fresh breeze of Your truth-bringing spirit.
Dear God…it is Pentecost Sunday, at least on our calendars. 
May it happen in our hearts and our churches.


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