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Glimpses of Grace…and Glory

Glimpses of Grace…and Glory
Last Sunday Pastor Melany preached on the theme of “glimpses of glory.” There are moments in life when we get a glimpse of God’s heavenly glory right here on earth.
Later that day, Melany and I visited a church member, Gloria Sinkovitz. Gloria was recovering from a major surgery and had returned to her residence at Friendship Village. As we entered her room, she popped up in her bed in sheer delight – in spite of her 90 years of age, stitches still tender from surgery and the late afternoon medications. She was thrilled to see us and to hear about the church she loved so much. About you!
As we closed our visit, she asked us to hand her a notebook on her table. She opened it to the inside of the cover page, warned us she was “tone deaf,” and then began to sing. She sang the words from the blessing that closes their chapel services. “May the Lord bless you and keep you…” she began. We listened in reverence as she sang the blessing to us, then as she prayed a blessing on us.
We had come to pray for her; she prayed for us. We had come to bless her, she had blessed us. We been given a glimpse of glory.
God has a glimpse of glory for you, a moment when you see or experience the beauty and power of God’s presence in your life. Have you caught that glimpse yet? Look…listen…live in love…God is present. He’ll give you a glimpse.
This Sunday is the First Sunday in Lent. Come to worship – 8:15 or 10:45 AM,6:00 PM. We will celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Pastor Melany will be preaching on the theme “Clean Up!”, from Mark 11:15-19.
Meanwhile, I will be in Toms River, New Jersey, to preach at the Installation of The Rev. Robbie Ytterberg. I will bring your love and greeting with me and pass them on to Robbie and his family.
God bless you!
John Hamilton

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