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Essence of Bethany

I have two stories to tell you that express the impact and essence of Bethany.


After church yesterday I went to the Goodwill Villa in Bridgeville to visit one of our church members. As I entered the building, a middle aged man was escorting his mother back to her room. I commented that they were dressed like they had been to church. “Oh yes, they answered in unison. We are members of First Baptist Church.”

” I love First Baptist Church,” I exclaimed. “I am at Bethany Presbyterian.”

” I am a member there, too,” the man said with a grin. ” I went to their Vacation Bible School and other activities. With all they do for this town anybody  who grows up in Bridgeville is  a member of Bethany.”

What a beautiful affirmation of the life changing impact of Bethany!


This morning there was a voicemail waiting for me: “Don’t know if I have the right number and I go to your Food Bank, but I wanted to tell you how blessed I feel to have you in my life. ‘Cause you have helped my grandkids and family so much…You people are awesome. I’m sittin’ here goin’ through the bags [of toys and goodies you gave through the Food Bank] for these kids…oh, you people are awesome…you’re awesome. Just keep doin’ the things you are doin’. I just wanted to call and say thank you…”  Her voice faded off as she blurted out a “good-bye” through her tears.


I tell you these stories as a reminder of the impact of our ministry together. You may not have “done” these ministries literally; but you did them through the body of Christ called Bethany. You did them through your giving of offerings… your prayers…your giving of time and talents…your worship and simply being an active part of this church family.

You are Bethany, we are Bethany when we invest ourselves together in the worship and ministry of the church. And when we do that, we ARE “awesome”.


I look forward to seeing you and your family at the Christmas Eve Services. See the times below.


Meanwhile, remember the word from Sunday’s sermon, the word for Christmas and for life itself: “Word” or “LOGOS” if you prefer the Greek. LOGOS…it’s all you need to know.


See you this Thursday,

It’s coming,


John H.


Christmas Eve:

  • 6:00 pm Family Service with the Noisy Offering and kid friendly worship.
  • 8:00 pm service with the choir and a four piece brass ensemble, lots of carols and the closing candlelight
  • 10:00 pm service, a quiet, reflective worship with special music, the Sacrament of Holy Communion, and the closing candlelight.

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