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“Dear Jesus…I have a problem”

Dear friends in the Lord,


What a blessed day of worship and ministry we had on Sunday at Bethany!


A huge thanks goes to all who helped in the Christmas Cantata, from the orchestra to all the singers in the choir, from John Henninger our Music Director, to Toni Sears who played the piano, to Fred Gossic who was the Narrator. We were all greatly blessed and God was glorified through the cantata. Thanks to everyone.


The early service at 8:15 and the Modern Service at 6 pm featured the “Christmas Story” from the Gospel of Mark: ” This is the beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” it is a clear and straightforward announcing of the birth and life of Jesus the Savior. Mark’s introduction of Jesus clears out any clutter we and our culture might impose to show us the living and transforming Jesus. Through the introduction of John the Baptist and his message Mark shows us clearly the response called from each of us as we encounter the living Jesus: repent and turn to Jesus as the Savior.


I quoted a dialogue/prayer from writer Ruth Harms Calkin and urged us to pray it. Here it is:


         Dear Jesus,

            I have a problem…

            It’s me.”

         Dear child,

            I have an answer…

            It’s me.”


May that be our prayer today and each day of this season, a prayer of our repentance and of God’s grace.


This Sunday we will be looking at Luke’s Gospel and how he introduces Jesus to us.


See you on Sunday,

John Hamilton


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