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Bethany Youth Group Parent’s Night


An invitation from the youth director to a night to connect with other parents and families and have a pretty much awesome time!

There will be ice cream and trivia and time to have fun with the BYG Family!

Parents! I am so excited to invite you out to our second annual BYG Parent’s night! Last year was a great opportunity to meet me, the new leader in town, but this year is a better opportunity to just unite as people who care about your kids. Your kids are also invited, and let’s be honest, you are pretty jealous that they get to come to youth group and have FUN every week. This time it’s your turn to be a part of it! This year I solemnly swear to make the winning team the dessert of their choosing and have their families to our house for a dessert night. Don’t miss this!

Parents’ Night-September 13-7:15-8:30- in the Great Room (the gym)

-Amanda Leavitt


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