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Launched into Ministry

“Bethany…laid the foundation for my faith in Jesus Christ which has continued to this day. Through Logos, youth group, and mission trips, I came to truly know and follow Christ. IN addition, Bethany was always a place where I felt I belonged…I felt loved and cared for by the people of Bethany…I am so grateful to Bethany for building my faith and making me feel special.”

This is just one of the many testimonials from those who have been launched into ministry by Bethany- some of whom are pastors or in mission.

Along with those are a flood of thank you’s and affirmations form former pastors of Bethany. You have made a life-changing and holy difference in the lives of others. We have. God has.

We are putting together a booklet/handout with portions of the letters and correspondence from former pastors and those launched into full time ministry through Bethany. You will be able to see for yourself the power of God to multiply ministry through Bethany. It will be an insert for the bulletins on Bicentennial Sunday, October 19.

Meanwhile, this Sunday will be very exciting. We will honor those of our members who are 80 years and older and/or who have been members for 50 years or more. We will pray gratefully for them ( for you), offer a song by one of our youth ( Hunter Briggs), and have a meal to follow the 10:45am service. and we will hear a message on, “a great crowd of witnesses”…oh, but isn’t it “a great cloud of witnesses”?

Come and join us for worship on Sunday.

Some notes: as we greet one another on Sunday mornings, please feel free to wave or smile broadly, rather than shaking hands. This is the cold and flu season. Just use your discretion as needed.

Check out the Bridgeville Area News this week to read the wonderful article on our new Youth Director, Amanda Metzger…soon to be Leavitt. Amanda is getting married to Greg Leavitt on October 18th. Congratulations to you both.

Hunter Briggs, an 8th grader from Bethany, just finished being “Oliver” in the musical at the Strand Theater in Zelienople. Melany and I saw it and were amazed at the production and the whole cast, including our Hunter.

Finally, tickets for the Bicentennial Dinner on the 18th are still available and can be purchase on Sunday.

Blessings and see you on Sunday,

John Hamilton

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