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Be Led by Your Dreams

Oh, I have so much to share for my Glimpses! A tender “glimpse” will be shared in my column in the next newsletter. Please don’t miss it.

I was blessed by being part of the radio theater, “Follow the Blackhorse Trail.” It was a rousing success, good turnout, and amazing work of creativity and determination by Bud Marlett. My biggest “glimpse” was of the glorious array of folks who helped, including guys you’d never imagine being on stage. They did it! We did it!

I was blessed by hearing stories of the mission and ministry from our $10 bills. Keep sending those to Pastor Robbie so we can share our stories. I left mine – doubled into $20 – at two local restaurants for the staff to bless someone who might need help for a meal.

I am so excited for our own Hunter Briggs who is the lead character, “Oliver”, in the musical production at the Strand Theater in Zelionople. It begins this weekend.

I am also excited for my wife, Melany, who is Interm Pastor at Covenant Community Presbyterian Church in Scott Township. She will be using her God-given gifts to serve in that setting.

I am blessed to be part of LOGOS. Help is still needed. What a joy to see the children learning, playing, singing and eating in the joy of Jesus!

I hope you will see glimpses of grace this Sunday as our first pastor, the Scotsman Alexander Cook preaches. Please pray for me as I prepare.

I finish by sharing one of the many pearls of wisdom from John Wooden, the late, legendary, and deeply Christian UCLA basketball coach:

“Don’t be pushed by your fears; be led by your dreams”

May we be set free of our fears and be led by our dreams as we serve our living Lord.

See you on Sunday,

John Hamilton

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for the Bicentennial Dinner on October 18th!

You can do it this Sunday!

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