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Awesome Grace

“Awesome!” he exclaimed from his car seat.

“What did you say?” we inquired of our 4 1/2 year old grandson, Jamie.

“This banana is awesome!”

Jamie had learned a new word, “awesome.” And he was going to use it on everything possible:

“My mommy is awesome.”

“Gamma, you’re awesome.”

“What about me?” I inquired

“You’re…funny…and awesome.”

Even his toys were “awesome.”

If you were able to be in church with us this last Sunday, you heard this story in the sermon.

Now here is a review of what we discovered as we dug into our text, Acts 2:42-47.

Awesome is experienced in the ordinary, the positive patterns and holy habits we practice: prayer, worship, sacrificial giving, fellowship of the church, other-centered service, devotion to growing in Christ.

And doing it all “day-by-day” so we get it right.

That is how it was for the followers of Jesus in our passage. “Awe came upon everyone”…and it came out of their devotion to prayer and study, worship and giving, serving and being together. Awesome is experienced in the ordinary.

In this Bethany Bicentennial year may we commit ourselves to the positive patterns and holy habits of the faith. May we find simple ways to be a blessing to others.

As we do so, may we experience many moments when we can join Jamie and the early followers of Jesus and exclaim,


See you on Sunday, as we worship our awesome God,

John Hamilton

Oh yes, Jamie’s new word is “Gross.”

Join us this Sunday as we have our Service of Remembrance at each service, remembering those for whom we did a funeral service in 2013.

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