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Happy Birthday Jesus…and John

Last Sunday was my birthday. You reminded me. Somebody must have told you. Thanks for your birthday greetings, kind words and your joy that I am officially another year older…than you. And, oh yes, I had a good birthday.

The celebrating began on Saturday morning with the Presbyterian Women’s Christmas gathering. As the Char Valley Singers regaled us with carols, the snow began gently falling behind them in the church courtyard. It was like we were in a Christmas card or a Christmas carol

Happy Birthday Jesus!

The celebrating continued on Saturday night with the annual Deacons Christmas party for the residents of The Southwood Boys Home. We played relay games, sang songs, ate pizza, met Santa, and laughed a lot. These young men may be “mentally challenged,” but they are not grace challenged. They know love when they see it.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

My birthday celebrating continued on Sunday morning when Pastor Robbie asked me to be the Christmas tree for his children’s message. He strung lights on me and lit them up. (I’m sure glad they were not candles!) He hung decorations on me, as the children laughed, as we all laughed, including “the tree.” The message came through: make sure you get your heart ready for Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Between the services four of us – Jeff and Brian, Dave and I- serenaded the church with Christmas carols. We walked the halls, visited Sunday School classes, lingered in The Welcome Center, and even gave Domenic Poiche his own personal concert. We had great fun serenading folks, and it looked like you did too.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

In the afternoon, we gathered at the church for the children’s musical ” In a Galilee Far Away.” The children danced and sang, spoke lines and journeyed in a time warp back to Galilee, stopping to meet Abraham Lincoln on the way. In joy and enthusiasm they helped us all return to Galilee in our hearts, to gaze upon the amazing love of God in the birth of his only Son.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

There were other highlights on my birthday weekend-a Sunday lunch with family, a celebration with my December 15th birthday buddies, Doug Bovard and his son, Jonathan, the news of The South Fayette Lions winning the Pennsylvania Double A Football Championship…41-0! Oh yes, and this priceless conversation I had with a mother after the children’s musical. Her young daughter, reflecting on the Christmas story, inquired, ” What’s on Angel Gravyhole?” The mother had to explain that it was not “Angel Gravyhole”; but Angel Gabriel who spoke to the shepherds.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday John!

See you on Sunday and on Christmas Eve as we celebrate the birthday of our Savior, Jesus. Tell ’em the Angel Gravyhole sent you.

John Hamilton

Christmas Eve Services:

  • 6:00 PM: Children and Family Service
    Come with your family of all ages for this 45 minute, children-friendly service.
  • 8:00 PM: Candlelight Service
    Childcare is available for this classic service with choir, brass and candlelight.
  • 10:00 PM: Candlelight and Communion Service
    Close the day in this quiet reflective service which ends, with the Sacrament of Holy Communion and candlelight.

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