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Clean Cars…And Hearts

I have a confession to make. You may not look at me I the same way once you read this. O.K., here goes…

In the three years I have been here in the South Hills of Pittsburgh I have not washed or cleaned either of our cars…not the blue ( I think) minivan or the grey (last time I looked) Sebring. It gets worse. I cannot remember the last time I did wash the cars, though- and I know this will be reassuring to you- I am sure I washed the minivan once after I accidently drove it through a fallow cornfield.

Now let me be more accurate. I did not wash or clean our cars until last Saturday. I pulled into the church parking lot around 8:30am and drove right into the Boy Scout Troop 2 fund raising car wash. It went so well with the minivan that I called my wife and asked her to get the Sebring down here right away. Just like that…our two cars were washed clean on the inside and out…thanks to the scouts. The blue car was bluer; the grey car was greyer; and the insides were clean! For the first time I could see the coffee stains on the floor mats. Beautiful! Washed clean by the scouts!

Do you need washed clean? Has the crud and grime of life been building up on your exterior and around your heart? Has the stain of sin gotten so deep that you cannot see it?   Have your headlights -eyes- been so clouded that you cannot see the signs of God in your life- or those whom He wants you to help? Come to church.   Come and join others as we trust in Jesus…love like Jesus…grow in Jesus…and bring others to Jesus. Sing to the Lord, be challenged by God’s word; be stretched in your giving and serving; be strengthened by the love and prayers of others. Experience the blessing of being in the community of believers…and strugglers. Has it been a while for you? A season or a year or three years or more? No problem. The Savior is ready. He will wash you in his love. And that stain you see again in the light of his love? He will do some deep cleaning. That is called grace.

So come church. Be joined with others in the love of God.

The scouts can clean cars. The Savior can clean hearts and lives.

See you on Sunday.

John Hamilton


Here are some notes to remember:

  • Mission Sunday this Sunday with our celebration of our mission partnership with Haiti. Worship is at 8:15 and 10am.
  • Rally Day on Sunday September 8 with worship at 8:15 and 10:45, Sunday School for all ages at 9:30am.
  • All Church Retreat on September 27- 29. Sign up on line or on a bulletin insert. Call the office for more information.

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One Response to Clean Cars…And Hearts

  1. karen says:

    wow you are unbelievable… AMEN kskm