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A Prayer of Commitment

Dear Friends,

Recently Fred Gossic found one of my prayers and had it printed for the latest new members’ class. You will see it in the bulletins for the next two Sundays. Let’s all pray it for ourselves as we rededicate ourselves to being the body of Christ.

Gracious God,

Thank You for the work You have given me.

            I give You my hands to...

                        create something of beauty,

                        build something of strength,

                        serve the broken and needy.

            I give You my feet to...

                        lead by example,

                        go where you lead,

                        carry me to worship.

            I give You my mind to...

                        learn more of Your world,

                        learn more of your Word,

                        see my work as service to You.

            I give You my voice to...

                        speak kindly of others,

                        share Your story with children,

                        sing Your praise.

            I give You my time to...

                        work for You,

                        rest and play,

                        worship and pray.

Gracious God,

Thank You for the work You have given me,

            and for Your work of grace on the cross.

May my work be Your work.

            Through Jesus I pray.

Amen.                                     Rev. John Hamilton

Please note:

Confirmands will be received by the congregation as new members this Sunday at the 10:45 service.

Our newest adult members will be received by the congregation the next Sunday, April 28th at the 8:15 and 10:45 services.

We will be hosting our families for Family Promise on May 5-12. Sign-ups for help begin this Sunday.

The Memorial Service for Howard Maxwell will be held Friday, April 19th at 11:00 a.m. here at the church.

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