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Winter Update

Dear friends in the Lord,

It has been awhile since I have written you a Glimpses of Grace. Don’t worry. I am getting lots of glimpses just not the time to write about them.

So here are a few notes:

  • The sermon last Sunday got lots of positive reaction. We are all fighting the clock, the calendar, or simply the passing of the time of our lives. Some will remember it as the “button sermon”. if you could not be there, just ask someone who was there. They will tell you.
  • You faces and voices and body language said that you really loved singing, “I’ll Fly Away”. That was a glimpse of grace for me.
  • This coming Sunday’s message is from Jeremiah, verses 1-6 of chapter 12. It is on “The Desert of Discouragement”. Have you ever been there? Come Sunday to hear how God responded to Jeremiah in his.
  • I am so excited about the theme coming up for Lent! It is…”Who Is This Man?” It draws form a book of that title by Pastor and writer, John Ortberg; and it asks the most important question in all eternity. As we gaze at Jesus, who is this man? You will hear much more about this in the next couple weeks.
  • Please be careful in the parking lot this winter as you look for black ice. We do our best to keep up with it, but the weather causes melting and then freezing constantly. I do not want your glimpses of grace to be from a hospital bed.

One recent glimpse from my angle: as you may know our three-year old grandson is living with us and has been for the last five months. Today after I had lunch and play time with grandson Jamie, I headed to the car and back to the office. My wife pointed to me and said, “I just love Pappa!” Jamie responded with a big smile, “I love him, too.” Now that is a glimpse of grace.

See you on Sunday,

John Hamilton

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One Response to Winter Update

  1. Thomas Hayes says:

    Well done John. Two things come to mind, first, Amelia calls me Papa too and I love the way she says it – a glimpse of grace for me every time and second, I also enjoyed “I’ll Fly Away.” You have probably heard the Alison Krauss cover from the soundtrack of “O Brother where are thou.” If not, you should. The harmony is terrific with Gillian Welsh singing lead. You and Joe would be great with it, although the mandolin helps.
    Tom Hayes