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Longing Fulfilled is a Tree of Life

The wise writer of these words really knew what they were talking about: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12).

I proposed to Abby in September of 2002, right near the beginning of our senior year of college. This came after a long season of prayer and discernment. For her it was a surprise but for me I had been thinking about getting married for months. Fortunately she said, “Yes” and we began making plans to marry the following June.

The next nine and half months were filled with all sorts of feelings: joy, excitement, anticipation, exhaustion from planning, and even frustration. For me, some of this frustration came from the simple fact of having to wait for the life I knew I wanted. When I proposed to Abby I wasn’t saying, “I will be ready to marry you in 9 ½ months so why don’t we get engaged now.” No, I was saying, “I am ready to be married to you right now, if you will have me.” So, the life I hoped for had to wait.

This is analogous to this season of transition we have been living in since December when I first accepted the call to Bethany. I was ready to jump in with you all then but there has been both process and planning that have had to take place in order to make this hope a reality.

Thankfully we are making slow but steady progress toward our longing to be with you.  This week Abby concluded her employment at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Ella celebrated her last day at preschool with a party. We are working with Wesley’s school to figure out his transitional education. I am spending my time readying our house to become a rental and tying up the loose ends of my part-time job.

After toying with the idea of loading up the kids and Rudy to tackle the 44-hour drive from Seattle to Pittsburgh we have decided to allow saner counsel to prevail and to fly. We anticipate touching down there sometime in the first couple of weeks of March, the exact timing depending on our moving company. Then we will settle into our apartment in Coraopolis and begin life with you face to face; “Ahhhhhh,” a longing fulfilled!

Thank you for your continued prayer, support and encouragement as we endure the remaining days of this transition. We will be with you soon!


Peace in Christ,

Robbie Ytterberg

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