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Glimpses of Grace

A Prayer for Power

Glimpses of Grace     A Prayer for Power “You will receive power,” your Son promised. Lord, we pray for that power- for us as disciples and for your church. Give us power to… worship You with all our heart, serve You… Read the rest

Brother Gene

He is a regular guy – an older man, balding, soft-spoken, giving a little sheepish glance at his audience as he begins to speak. He is Gene Remacklus, a friend of Jean and Bill Roemer. “Brother Gene”, they call him… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

Glimpses of Grace Dear friends, I will have a detailed article in the coming newsletter on the delightful and Spirit filled time we had with the “pie in the pastor’s face ” contest last Sunday. It was all for the… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

“It was like a spa for the soul…”  This was one of the many grateful descriptions of the “IF” Gathering for women hosted by Bethany Presbyterian Church under the leadership of Mandy Evans and her many helpers. “Mission is not… Read the rest

Glimpses of Grace

Recently one of our Bethany family, Sheri Jackson, experienced the sudden death of her mother. It was Easter Sunday and her mother died while at dinner with family.   Sheri not only has family to give and receive comfort with… Read the rest

One Hundred and Counting

Glimpses of Grace One Hundred and Counting   Recently a friend of our church, Mildred Worstell, celebrated her 100th birthday. She is still a regular part of the Bethany Quilters.   Mildred reported that she received 188 birthday cards, including… Read the rest


This Saturday I was excited to be a Pastor of Bethany Presbyterian Church, excited to be your Pastor, excited to be a part of what Bethany was up to as the body of Christ. It started as we circled in… Read the rest

The “Four P’s”

Glimpses of Grace…     Yesterday I preached on “the time of our lives”, and how we can best use the time we have been given to serve God.  “Give your time to God”, entrust the time you have to… Read the rest

Essence of Bethany

I have two stories to tell you that express the impact and essence of Bethany.   After church yesterday I went to the Goodwill Villa in Bridgeville to visit one of our church members. As I entered the building, a… Read the rest

“Dear Jesus…I have a problem”

Dear friends in the Lord,   What a blessed day of worship and ministry we had on Sunday at Bethany!   A huge thanks goes to all who helped in the Christmas Cantata, from the orchestra to all the singers in the… Read the rest
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