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Glimpses of Grace

Beard…Still On

Each time someone sees me these days there is a look of surprise and – sometimes – wonderment. ” You still have your beard. I thought the Bicentennial is over…” is what is said in words or in looks. The… Read the rest

The Church Is You

Last Sunday I had the privilege of teaching the Bethany Confirmation Class while Amanda ( Metzger ) Leavitt is away. The theme was, ” The Church: what does it mean to me?” We began with a reading and reflection of… Read the rest

Bicentennial Sunday

Last Sunday, the Alumni Choir had just finished singing and leading us in a musical rendition of our Bethany Mission Statement that begins, “Loving with the Heart of Jesus.” Jeff Nowak had composed the music and had just finished accompanying… Read the rest

Bethany is…family

Last Sunday was not just a glimpse of grace; it was a flood of glimpses, a trip up the mountain for a wondrous and lingering gaze upon the grace of God. When the 50 year members and the 80 year… Read the rest

Launched into Ministry

“Bethany…laid the foundation for my faith in Jesus Christ which has continued to this day. Through Logos, youth group, and mission trips, I came to truly know and follow Christ. IN addition, Bethany was always a place where I felt… Read the rest

Bicentennial Celebration

Bicentennial Celebration is in Full Swing! I know this Glimpses of Grace is a little longer than normal but it’s worth it! $10 Blessing Challenge Before leaving the sanctuary on September 7, everyone in worship was given $10, “remembering the… Read the rest

A Glimpse into the Past

Dear Friends, What a joy it was to be in worship together last Sunday! Traveling back in time to experience a slice of worship as it was in the 1820′s…being welcomed by ushers in costume and awakened by “The Tithing… Read the rest

Be Led by Your Dreams

Oh, I have so much to share for my Glimpses! A tender “glimpse” will be shared in my column in the next newsletter. Please don’t miss it. I was blessed by being part of the radio theater, “Follow the Blackhorse… Read the rest

The Lunchable

They were getting ready for preschool, this young five year old and his grandmother. The boy insisted that he pack a “Lunchable” for snack. The grandmother explained that it was too messy and required help from his teacher. The boy… Read the rest

A Prayer for 9/11

Thirteen years after 9-11, we as a nation can’t help but to think back on the tragic events of that day and lament, grieve, and pray. Take a moment and pray for: … those who lost loved ones … those… Read the rest
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