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Glimpses of Grace

A Prayer for 9/11

Thirteen years after 9-11, we as a nation can’t help but to think back on the tragic events of that day and lament, grieve, and pray. Take a moment and pray for: … those who lost loved ones … those… Read the rest

A Prayer for Perspective

Dear friends in the Lord, For our Glimpses this week I share the prayer I wrote and used for Sunday. May it be helpful to you as it is to me. And oh yes, this Sunday is the kickoff (… Read the rest

Pittsburgh Pirates Faith Night

Around three weeks ago I attended a Pirates game with some of our church folks from Bethany’s Upwards Basketball and Cheerleading ministry. It was Faith Night at the ballpark, when players and coaches from the Pirates would speak with fans… Read the rest

Grace at Vacation Bible School

Dear friends in the Lord, I want you to know of the incredible ministry that you are a part of through your prayers and offerings and Christ-like love as Bethany. We have had scores of young children singing, playing, crafting,… Read the rest

Grace at the Pirates Game

Last night several dozen of us went to a Pirates baseball game. Though we did not see much of the game, we did get a glimpse of grace. The game was a clunker. By the 3rd inning the score was… Read the rest

Living as a Church Family

But he trusted God. And God told him to go and lay hands of healing on Saul…told him twice…assured him that Saul would be God’s “instrument” to proclaim the gospel to the Gentiles, to those who had not known the… Read the rest

Grace on Youth Sunday

“Darrell, Dan, Peggy Matt… Lynne, Mike, Mia, Amanda… Tori, Jenny, Barb, Jim…” On and on the names were spoken as our four youth speakers gave their testimonies for Youth Sunday. The names included were little children and nursery care-givers, Sunday… Read the rest

Bicentennial Grace

Have you had a glimpse of grace lately? I sure have: Pastor Robbie’s courage in tackling a hard passage from Acts – Ananias and Sapphira, Act 5:1-11 – and preaching with conviction, honesty and grace. The deer we have seen… Read the rest

Easter Season Continues

Last Sunday I had a couple glimpses of grace, at least ones I was able to recognize.      After the 8:15 service two of our worshippers, were standing in line to greet me. They smiled at me and directed my gaze… Read the rest

Holy Week Buildup

As I began this glimpse, it was snowing…outside, of course.  It was Tuesday…APRIL 15, for goodness sake!      It was also Holy Week. and oh, was it holy!      On Sunday morning we worshipped. We sang praises to God as we waved… Read the rest
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