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Upward Sports

Lend a Hand

Glimpses of Grace

Holy Week Buildup

As I began this glimpse, it was snowing…outside, of course.  It was Tuesday…APRIL 15, for goodness sake!
     It was also Holy Week. and oh, was it holy!

     On Sunday morning we worshipped. We sang praises to God as we waved… Read the rest

Winter Prayer

Dear friends in the Lord,
With the way the winter has been going I thought I would re-pray my prayer from last Sunday’s worship. Here it is from my notes and my memory:
“Lord, it has been a long winter,… Read the rest

The Ties that Bind

Have you noticed? I’ve been better looking lately.
All right…I’ve been looking better lately, that is, better dressed.
I have been sporting a new set of ties, really sharp ties, classy ones, the kind
a sharply dressed businessman would wear.… Read the rest

Awesome Grace

“Awesome!” he exclaimed from his car seat.
“What did you say?” we inquired of our 4 1/2 year old grandson, Jamie.
“This banana is awesome!”
Jamie had learned a new word, “awesome.” And he was going to use it on… Read the rest

Joy in Serving the Community

I wish you could have seen what I saw on Saturday. It was Bethany in action.
Downstairs was throbbing with activity. A line was stretching down the hall and around the corner- packed with people in line for the Food… Read the rest

Happy Birthday Jesus…and John

Last Sunday was my birthday. You reminded me. Somebody must have told you. Thanks for your birthday greetings, kind words and your joy that I am officially another year older…than you. And, oh yes, I had a good birthday.
The… Read the rest

Grass Roots Ministries

One of the blessings of being Bethany is a kind of entrepreneurial spirit in the church. People are not afraid to hear the call and follow – even into the unknown or the very challenging.
Here are two recent examples… Read the rest

Undeliverable: Prayer

That is what it said on my computer. I had sent a note to someone in our church letting him know I was praying for him. Under “subject,” I had typed “prayer.” The message bounced back because he no longer… Read the rest

My People

“My people! There’s my people!”
That’s what our grandson exclaimed when he saw his friends from the church at a local fast food restaurant. The people of Bethany are “my people” in the eyes of this four year old little… Read the rest

Grace at the All-Church Retreat

The recent All-Church Retreat was filled with so much blessing, it is hard to describe. Rich Bible study on “Scaling the Peaks of Grace,” worship with a mix of new praise songs and classic gospel and hymns, small groups laughing,… Read the rest

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