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Glimpses of Grace

The Hawk

Its early morning. The sun is rising, peeking through the clouds. I’m at my desk in the sun room studying.   High in a bare tree, perched on a branch about seventy-five yards away, is a hawk. A very large… Read the rest


What a blessed day we had on Sunday- with the reception of 18 new members, the evening of small groups, and our continuing journey in the Beatitudes from Matthew 5: 1-12.   The conversations have continued since Sunday morning on… Read the rest

A Prayer From Somewhere in the Deep of Winter

   Glimpses of Grace…      Dear Friends,   A prayer I wrote a few years back seems very appropriate for now, especially on this Friday when we are buried in snow and ice.     A Prayer From Somewhere… Read the rest


I want to share with you what happened on Wednesday…Saturday…and Sunday.   You may know that on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 18) we had a fish dinner scheduled in the Great Room and a service to follow in the sanctuary. What… Read the rest

Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Punxsutawney Phil

That was the headline on a recent newsfeed on my office computer. It came from a police department in New Hampshire. The furry critter’s crime? Extending winter for six more weeks.   “We felt compelled to let the public know… Read the rest


Aruba!   I had a wedding last week…in Aruba.   I know what you are thinking . “What a gig! Wedding on a Caribbean Island in the middle of winter. I hope it rains the whole time.”   Not a… Read the rest

I Found It!!!

“I found it!” my wife exclaimed on my cell phone voicemail. “Call me, and I’ll tell you all about it.”   But first, the back story.   Our first Christmas here, back in December 2010, I had “lost it”, the… Read the rest

Did it get in the right one?

That was the question on of the men of the church shared as he related the challenge of breaking down and putting away the Christmas decorations in our homes. It is very hard, we agreed. Each item has its own… Read the rest

A Prayer for the New Year

A Prayer for the New Year   As the new year begins, there is so much to hope for…fear for…yearn for. A year, which can go by so quickly, can also hold so much that is unknown. As I face… Read the rest

The Prayer of St. Francis

In these last few weeks my heart has been broken by the news reports from Ferguson, Missouri, from Cleveland and Brooklyn and elsewhere. My emotions have gone through whiplash at the thought of brutality to others because of their race,… Read the rest
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