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“Out of the depths have I cried out to You, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications.”  (Psalm 130:1-2)

These words are my heartfelt prayer as I enter this day after I just heard the morning news. Last evening around 9:00 PM a pastor and parishioners were gunned down as they prayed and worshipped in their church. They were gathered for prayer and Bible study at  Emmanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Their Pastor, The Reverend Clementa Pickney,  was a husband and father of two daughters and also a State Senator. He was known as a man of peace who had touched many lives. The shooter was a young white man. The victims were black. As one of my friends in Bridgeville expressed, “A church! Is no place sacred anymore?”

     This morning I am setting aside my original notes for “the Glimpses” to ask you to join me in prayer:

  • for the church wherever it is under attack around the world – and for their courage and confidence in Christ.
  • for our nation in the midst of racial tensions and violence – and for healing, trust and reconciliation.
  • for the police and others who serve on the front lines – and for their safety and wisdom and fairness.
  • for the church, including Bethany and the churches in Bridgeville – and that we may help people under very difficult circumstances, of all colors and backgrounds to gather at the cross as one.


With our blessed friendship with First Baptist Church in Bridgeville, our positioning at the intersection of the community, our vibrancy of mission in Bridgeville and beyond, and our passion for Christ, we as Bethany have a unique and vital voice in pointing people to Christ and his reconciling power.


Most of all, we remember the “morning news” on that Sunday after Jesus was crucified and buried:

“He is risen!”

May we be part of His resurrection work here in Bridgeville and the South Hills in this time of need and opportunity.

See you on Sunday,

John Hamilton

This Sunday begins our Summer Worship Schedule:

Worship 8:15 AM and 10:00 AM

Modern Worship Service in the Chapel at 6:00 PM

You are invited to this relaxed, come-as-you-are opportunity to encounter and worship God and even more to bring a friend so that they can hear the good news of Jesus Christ! Stop by the chapel and check out the new look for the summer and click here for more details.


Sermon for Sunday:  “Living in the Real World” Philippians 2:12-30

]]> 0 Modern Evening Worship Service-Coming this Sunday-6:00 PM Thu, 18 Jun 2015 15:25:52 +0000 Read the rest]]> Modern Worship Service – Sundays at 6 PM in the Chapel

We each long to encounter, proclaim, and praise the living God! This service is a come-as-you-are, relaxed, passionate, welcoming, communal and participatory experience of worship. A band will lead us musically with a combination of current and timeless songs. As always the hope of Jesus Christ will be at the heart of this service as we encounter Him through the Bible, prayer, a message and one another.web site cross


  • Who is invited to participate?
    • Any and everyone, so invite your friends and family that haven’t been in worship recently or maybe who have never set foot in a church.
  • What about my kids?
    • Bring them! Kids of all ages are welcome to join their parents during worship. Kids entering 2nd Grade and younger will be invited out of the service during the message so that they can hear a message geared for them. Then they will rejoin their parents during the closing part of the service.
  • What can I do to help?
    • Pray and invite others. We are praying that the Holy Spirit will guide us and will draw in people who are not already connected in worship.
    • Make Others Feel Welcome. If this form of worship connects with you, that’s great, you are encouraged to continue to participate and extend the hospitality of Jesus to anyone else who joins us.
  • I have other questions who can I connect with?
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Working Out is Hard Sun, 14 Jun 2015 04:00:46 +0000 Read the rest]]> Read the rest]]> 0 Helping Washington City Mission Thu, 11 Jun 2015 14:51:00 +0000 Read the rest]]> This time we get to be the instruments of grace…


You may have heard that one of our mission partners, Washington City Mission, experienced a massive fire over the weekend. The fire significantly damaged the kitchen, dining room and men’s living quarters. As such, their meal service (100 meals every breakfast, lunch and dinner) has been suspended. Yet, the needs of those people they serve are still very real. So, you may be asking…


How Can I Help?

1) Pray that God’s grace would be evident through this trial

2) You can donate non-perishable single (individual) serve items, such as:

  • small bags of chips
  • granola bars
  • packets of tuna (not cans)
  • small boxes of cereal or oatmeal
  • small bags of cookies
  • individual drink bottles (Gatorade, juice, etc)

3) You can donate men’s toiletries


Bethany is going to be acting as a collection center for the items above. You (and anyone else) can drop off items at the church at the following times:

  • Today (Wednesday) from 6-8 pm
  • Thursday or Friday from 10 am-2 pm or 6-8 pm
  • Sunday when you come to worship

Let’s join together, support one of our mission partners, and love like Jesus!


Robbie Ytterberg


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“To My People with Love: The Descent into Glory” Sun, 07 Jun 2015 04:00:41 +0000 Read the rest]]> Read the rest]]> 0 Three Saturdays…Three Glimpses Tue, 02 Jun 2015 18:17:06 +0000 Read the rest]]> The last three Saturdays have been wonderful experiences of God’s blessing and grace through his servants.


On the first of those Saturdays, May 16, I joined over a hundred other folks to celebrate the 100th birthday of Amy Perkins at the fire hall in Cuddy. The testimonies given- one after another- spoke of a woman of faith that overflowed in a love that is deep and wide. Declared Mother of the Church by her First Baptist congregation, sister Amy’s love touched all manner of folks- all generations, black and white, rich and poor, family and neighbor, church and community. Quiet, steady, practical, wise…she showed and still shows her love not by flashiness but faithfulness. On that Saturday I got a glimpse of faithfulness. We all did.


The next week I had the privilege of presiding over the church wedding of Michael Talerico and Xuelai Wu. Michael is a member of Bethany and Xuelai (“Sherlie”) is from the city of Canton in China. Having been married by a Justice of the Peace, they wanted to reaffirm their vows before God, family and friends in a worship serviced. And oh was it worship! Since they met through their studies in music ( she accompanied him as he sang ), they made sure it was filled with music of praise to God. The service began with a rousing contemporary song with a praise band and then flowed into a REALLY rousing classical piece on the organ ( that John Henninger can really rock!). Later friends of Michael and Xuelai played and sang a hymn out of the black gospel tradition; then after saying his marriage vows, Michael sang The Lord’s Prayer…or God sang through him.  I am telling you, this young man sang it from the inside out, and when it was done, we were transported to the throne of God. On that Saturday I got a glimpse of glory. We all did.


On the next Saturday, last Saturday, we gathered for the Memorial Service for Marian Harold, a member of Bethany. Right up to the end of her eighty-eight years, Marian was sharp, alert and passionate about life. She loved music- sang it and played it wherever she lived and worshipped, including at Bethany. In her apartment was her piano still stacked high with music ready for playing. And it was filled with pictures everywhere, proudly displaying her love and joy for her family. Also proudly on display was her Bethany Bicentennial blanket. Marian loved her church. At the end of her life ( at the home of her son, Bob ) she was resting in that same Bethany Bicentennial blanket as she entered the embrace of her Savior. On that Saturday as we remembered Marian and her savior, I got a glimpse of love. We all did.


Three Saturdays…three glimpses…of grace


They are everywhere, these glimpses of grace. They are in the people around us who model faithfulness in their love, in whom we can see Jesus. They are in the beauty around us, beauty that transports us to the throne of God. They are in the people around us who are brimming with passion for life and love for others. All we have to do is look and listen with a heart open to the glory and wonder of God in the grand and ordinary stuff of life.


Where do you see glimpses of grace?


I know one place: as we worship on Sunday. See you there.


John Hamilton



Here is some key information to note:


  • Sunday’s Message will be on Philippians 2:1-11, “The Descent into Glory”
  • Summer Worship Hours begin Father’s Day, June 21 at 8:15 am, 10:00 am, with an evening service at 6:00 pm.
  • Vacation Bible School:  June 22-26 from 6:00 to 8:30 PM
  • Finally it was “Happy Socks Day” for the staff today.  Next Hawaiian Shirt Day on July 7th!


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